Elf On the Shelf Ideas: One Month of Easy Ideas for Your Elf

Need some fun, easy Elf on the Shelf ideas leading up to Christmas? We’ve got you covered with a full calendar of 27 easy ideas for your elf!

Elf on the Shelf is one of the biggest new traditions to come to Christmas in recent years and once you bring it into your house you’ll have to keep it up year after year until Santa stops visiting your house.

It isn’t always easy to think of new ideas for your elf, though. That’s why I’ve put together an easy list of Elf on the Shelf ideas.

It’s a plan stretching from Black Friday to Christmas Eve so all you’ll have to do is move your elf each night.

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Elf on the Shelf Plan

  1. The Arrival: A trail of biodegradable glitter from a window or fireplace to the elf sitting on a table with a naughty or nice list with your children’s names on it.
  2. Elf Draws on Bananas: Turn Your Bananas into Minions for the kids to take to school with them as a fun snack.
  3. Elf Looks for Toys: Set up your elf with a toy catalogue and a red pen. It’s time for him to pick out what he wants for Christmas.
  4. Elf Gets Caught: Take one of your spiders from your Halloween decorations and wrap your elf up in some white strips of cloth. Elf’s been caught by a spider!
  5. Elf Wants to Help decorate for Christmas: Break out the Christmas lights and tangle elf up in them. He wants to be helpful!
  6. Elf Eats a Cookie: Take a cookie out of a box of cookies and nibble on it for your elf. Then sit him on top of the box with the partly eaten cookie in hand.
  7. Elf Makes a Flour Angel: Pour a little flour on the kitchen counter and make a “snow angel” with it. Leave your elf inside, he’s been caught in the act!
  8. Nap Time in a Shoe: Slip your elf into someone’s spare shoes so he can lay down for a nap.
  9. Elf Takes a Marshmallow Bath: Fill a bowl with marshmallows and your elf to make it look like he’s having a relaxing bubble bath.
  10. Toy Twister: Break out your game of Twister and a few of your kids’ toys for a game of Twister.
  11. Elf in the Fridge: Wrap your elf up in a towel and lean him against the wall of your fridge. Elves are from the North Pole and like the cold! (This one is great to repeat if you’re in a pinch)
  12. Elf Cooks M&Ms: Put a few M&Ms in a pan on the stove then prop up your elf so it looks like he’s stirring it.
  13. Elf Workout: Stick marshmallows on the ends of a toothpick or a straw then lay him on his back, bench pressing elf is getting his workout in!
  14. Elf Plays with Legos: Break out your kid’s Lego collection and build a small like a house. Then scatter a few more Legos around the outside of the house and prop your elf up against it.
  15. Elf Watches YouTube: Prop up your kid’s tablet or phone with YouTube on. Pick something fun an elf would enjoy watching, like a scene from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, or something else your kids would recognize.
  16. Elf Gives the Gift of Reading: Prop your elf up next to a new book for your kids with a note from your elf asking your kids to read to him.
  17. Mirror Climbing Elf: Get some stick on jewels and stick them to your mirror to make it look like a rock climbing wall then stick your elf on some of the jewels to make it look like he’s climbing.
  18. Toilet all Wrapped Up: Wrap your toilet in wrapping paper and stick a bow on top with your elf sitting on top of it all.
  19. Candy Cane Hunt: Hide a dozen candy canes all over your house then leave your elf in the empty box with a note saying they hid all the candy canes.
  20. Tea Time with the Elf: Set up a tea party for your elf and your children’s favorite toys. For an added bonus before you wake your kids up make them a cup of tea so they can join the party.
  21. Elf Dress Up: Dress your elf as Batman with a paper mask and a cape to match.
  22. A Game of Solitaire: Set your elf down in front of a half-finished game of solitaire. Is your poor elf getting bored?
  23. Elf sized binoculars: Prop your elf up in the window with a pair of elf sized binoculars made out of straws.
  24. Toilet Paper Hammock: Stretch a bit of toilet paper on a towel rod and lay your elf inside it. Now you’ve got an elf size hammock in the bathroom!
  25. Elf Needs to Shave: By now your elf has been here a while, it’s time for a shave! Place your elf next to some shaving cream with a little on his face. You can even leave a note written in shaving cream on the mirror. “2 sleeps til Santa!”
  26. Elf makes pancakes: Wake up before the kids and make tiny half-dollar sized pancakes. Dress your elf in a tiny apron and prop your elf next to the stack of pancakes and the spatula with a note that says, “I made you breakfast.”
  27. Carrots for the Reindeer and a Goodbye: Today is the day your elf says goodbye! Sit your elf down with a bag of baby carrots and a note saying they’re for the reindeer and saying goodbye until next year.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas Calendar


Print out your Elf on the Shelf plan on this handy calendar so it’s easy to access and so you’ll never forget.

It can also be a good idea to have little printed out notices that acknowledge good behavior and warn about naughty behavior.

These notices should be held by your elf, somewhere that is eye level in your child’s room. They also should explain exactly what they did that was good or bad.

If you have a lot of naughty days, leave a handwritten warning from your elf saying that Santa thinks they’ve been too naughty and this is their last warning. If they’re bad again your elf is going to leave and they’ll be on the naughty list this year.

If there’s a birthday in your house sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas you can incorporate your elf in the birthday fun!

He can bring the birthday boy or girl a gift, or maybe he’s smashed his face in birthday cake.

One final Elf tip before you go.

When you set out your elf on the first night set a nightly alarm on your phone to remind you to move the elf. Make it after your kid’s bed time so you’ll never miss a night.

Enjoy these easy Elf on the shelf ideas!

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