10 Educational Magazine Subscriptions Your Kids Will Love

Toys are great, but getting an educational magazine can be so much fun for kids!

On top of getting mail just for them every month, your kids will love flipping through the pages, reading interesting stories and playing fun games.

They make the perfect non-toy gift idea!

And in addition to being a source of entertainment, magazines can also be very educational.

If you’re searching for a fun way to engage your kids each month, you will love these 10 educational magazine subscriptions for kids.

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Educational Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

1. ChickaDEE

This fun interactive magazine is perfect for elementary aged kids.

Its pages are filled with interesting science experiments, interactive games, engaging photos and illustrations, and stories your kids will love reading.

And in addition to educational content, this cool magazine also features entertaining items, like comics and jokes, making it perfect for keeping your kids engaged as they flip through the pages.

Subscribe to ChickaDEE here.

2. Highlights

There’s a reason you find this popular educational magazine in your kids’ doctor’s offices. It’s perfect for keeping little ones engaged and entertained.

From interesting science project ideas to educational puzzles and games, Highlights Magazine has a ton of educational content inside its cover.

In addition to providing your preschool and elementary-aged kids with ways to enhance their creative and critical thinking skills through a variety of activities and exercises, this great magazine subscription also provides you with ideas to incorporate educational activities into your everyday lives.

Subscribe to Highlights here.

3. National Geographic Kids

The National Geographic brand offers tons of amazing content geared toward kids. Which means the National Geographic Kids magazine won’t disappoint.

This fact-filled magazine’s design makes it perfect for kids who love to devour bite-sized information as they read about educational topics, including animals, science, technology, archaeology, and geography.

Filled with entertaining articles that are punctuated by silly jokes, fun games, and interactive activities, this educational magazine subscription will be one your kids look forward to each month.

Subscribe to National Geographic Kids here or National Geographic Little Kids (for kids six and under) here.

4. Sports Illustrated Kids

From nutrition tips to sports features, this awesome magazine is perfect for any sports loving kids.

In addition to learning about their favorite sports stars, Sports Illustrated Kids also provides your little ones with tons of educational content.

And providing your kids with a magazine on a subject they love is a sure-fire way to get them reading on a regular basis which is why Sports Illustrated Kids is one of the best educational magazines for kids.

Subscribe to Sports Illustrated Kids here.

5. Jack and Jill

This award-winning educational magazine is perfect for your kids.

In addition to a variety of engaging kid-friendly stories in each issue, Jack and Jill magazine also includes comics, recipes, and craft ideas.

But what your kids will love most about this educational magazine is its kid-centric focus. From interviews with kids just like them to kid-submitted stories, poems, and drawings, your children will love connecting with like-minded kids who enjoy getting creative.

And each magazine features a way your kids can submit their own creative work, making it a great way to encourage writing and drawing in your little ones each month.

Subscribe to Jack and Jill here.

6. Zoobooks

Do you have an animal lover at home?

Zoobooks is perfect for any kid interested in animals.

The simply written articles and kid-friendly illustrations make this animal-focused magazine great for young kids.

Each monthly magazine focuses on one of 60 different animals, giving your kids an in-depth look at wildlife through photos, diagrams, and interactive activities.

Subscribe to Zoobooks here.

7. Cricket

With a focus on high quality fiction, Cricket magazine is great for older kids who love to read.

Including fantasy stories, historical fiction, myths and legends, and adventure stories, this interesting magazine is sure to engage.

And these interesting fiction tales are accented by nonfiction stories, making it a great way to help your older children learn about culture, history, science, and the arts in a more dynamic way than traditional text books.

Subscribe to Cricket Magazine here.

8. Humpty Dumpty

Geared to preschoolers and kindergartners, this fun, educational magazine subscription is great for little ones who are beginning to read independently.

The short stories and cartoons can help your little one practice their reading, and the simple puzzles and games will keep them entertained in between stories.

Subscribe to Humpty Dumpty magazine here.

9. Brainspace

Looking for a traditional magazine with a digital component?

You’ll love Brainspace.

The traditional magazine features easy-to-read stories, compelling visual elements, and fun contests.

And with a variety of subjects covered (from arts to science), there’s sure to be something in this educational magazine for kids that they’ll enjoy in each issue.

The print magazine is accented by online activities, including video and audio content that enhance the magazine’s stories and activities.

Subscribe to Brainspace here.

10. Baby Bug

Magazines aren’t just for older kids!

If you’re searching for a fun magazine subscription your baby or toddler can enjoy, Baby Bug is it.

From entertaining stories to engaging illustrations, this baby-focused magazine is one your baby or toddler can enjoy on their own or with you.

This lovely magazine even features ideas for you, making it a great read for adults of young children, too.

Subscribe to Baby Bug here.

From toddlers to teens, these are some of the best educational magazines for kids where they will enjoy fun activities while also learning.

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