20+ Creative Ways to Give Money to a Teenager

Since teenagers can be so difficult to buy for, cash gifts are a great go-to gift idea for teens this age.

But why give a boring card with money inside when you can have a little fun with your gift’s packaging?

These creative ways to give money to a teenager are sure to be a hit with any kid!

Whether you give them a puzzle to solve in order to get their money or just package their money in a silly box, each of these unique packaging options are perfect for making your teen smile.

Happy teen girl holding money in one hand and a gift in the other hand.

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Creative Ways to Give Money to a Teen

Dressing up a cash gift is one of the simplest present ideas for any occasion. Your teen will have a blast opening up any of these fun gift-giving ideas!

And since teenagers love to receive cash, they’ll be happy to open their gift to find money inside.

Maze Puzzle Money Holder

Don’t make it easy for your teen to find their creative cash gift! Make them work for it with this fun maze puzzle money holder.

Place the cash inside and tell them they have to solve the puzzle in order to open up the box and see what’s hidden inside.

Pinball Money Holder

This pinball money holder is a fun gift idea for any teenager.

Place the money inside the pinball machine, then tell your teen they have to shoot three balls into the slot in order to get their money out.

Code Box

Give your teenager a challenge that must be solved before they can get their cash gift with this code box.

To open it, they must unlock the five-digit code. And since you can create your own password, you can create a personalized gift that only they can solve, making this one of the most creative ways to give money a teenager I’ve ever seen!

But fair warning, your teen may actually love the box more than the cash inside because it is pretty cool.

Counting Money Jar

Help your teen get started on saving up for their next big purchase with this counting money jar.

Add some change to the jar, then let your teen finish filling it up. Each time you add a coin to the slot, the jar automatically counts how much is inside so they’ll know exactly how much change they have saved up.


Money Cake Kit

Birthday cakes are a classic gift for kids of any age. But when you’re hosting a party for a teen, you need to make things a little more interesting!

With this money cake kit, you can turn your teenager’s birthday cake into a gift itself!

Just pull the cake topper off the cake to reveal the money hidden inside.

Puzzle Box

Since this secret puzzle box comes with hidden compartments, you can easily hide a cash gift inside.

After that, your teenager will have to solve the puzzle to open the box and get their gift.

Money Bath Bomb

This creative gift-giving idea is for teenagers that don’t want to have to solve puzzles or think to hard to get to their gift.

Give your teen a cash surprise with a money bath bomb.

The next time they enjoy a soak in the bath, they can toss this bath bomb in the water and wait for it to fizzle out. Inside the bath bomb, they’ll find money!

Money Gun

Make it rain dollar bills on your teenager’s birthday with a money gun.

While this gun comes equipped with fake cash, you can also add your own money to it.

That means you can shoot the cash at your teen to help them celebrate their big day.


If you’re looking for a more practical way to give money to a teenager, why not simply add some cash to a new wallet?

Just make sure to tell them to take a peek inside so they see the cash!

Decorative Envelopes

Cards and envelopes are a popular way to give the gift of money.

With a set of decorative envelopes, you can dress up your gift with some pretty colors and designs.

Magic Money Box

With the help of this magic money box, your teen can see their gift – they just can’t get to it!

The window in the front of the box makes it easy to see how much money is inside. But they’ll need to figure out the puzzle in order to take the money out of the box.


What teenager girl wouldn’t love to find some extra money inside a new purse?

Try this backpack purse. It’s a stylish way to package up your cash gift.

Bread Gift Packaging

birthday bread and birthday cheese money gifts

Have a little bit of fun with your cash gift by packaging it in a funny bread gift packaging.

The bread bag is the perfect way to make your teen laugh when they find their money inside.

Pizza Box Sign

pizza box full of cash with a sign on it that says the best part of a pizza is the dough

What teen doesn’t love pizza?

With this funny pizza box sign, you can fill up a pizza box with money and attach the “dough” sign.

This one’s sure to create laughter.

Money Bouquet

Two bouquets made out of dollar bills

A gift of a money bouquet is a fun way to package cash!

Turn dollar bills into beautiful flowers to create a memorable gift for your teenager on their special day.

Money Soap

Green soap shaped like a dollar bill

With the help of this money soap, your teen can get clean and get cash!

The soap is formed into the shape of a $100 bill, but the real surprise is that there’s money inside the soap bar, too!

Confetti Poppers

Two confetti poppers with a roll of money in the center

Make your teen’s celebration even more fun with a set of money filled confetti poppers.

They’ll love the surprise they find inside. In addition to colorful confetti, these poppers are also filled with real money!

Money Holder Card

A greeting card with a picture of a piggy bank on it and money sticking out the top.

Instead of putting your cash into a plain birthday card, try this money holder card instead.

Featuring a slot in the front, you can add your money right inside the card, creating a cute way to display your cash gift.

Money French Fries

A french fry box with dollar bills rolled up inside in the shape of fries.

This idea is easily in the top five.

One of the most creative ways to give money to a teenager has got to be these money French fries.

This cute gift comes in a French fry container and is filled with rolled up bills to create a fun money gift display.

Money Cake

Dollar bills rolled up in the shape of a cake

Skip the traditional birthday cake this year and give your teen a money cake instead.

This fun cash gift is made from rolled up dollar bills and features cute birthday decorations on top.

Happy Box

Black box with slots for gifts

Create a customized gift for your teenager with a fun foldable Happy Box.

You can decorate the box with stickers, photos, drawings, and bows. Then add your cash gift to the center.

Tissue Box Printable

Steps to create a money box

Your teenager might think it’s strange to receive a box of tissues for their birthday or graduation. But when they pull one out to reveal a strand of money attached – they’ll be happy they did!

With this money tissue box printable, you can create your own DIY money gift for your teenage with just a few minutes of work.


Origami dollar bills folded to look like boxes

Instead of finding a fun package for your money, why not turn your cash into a beautiful gift?

Use origami to fold the money into fun shapes, like flowers or leaves, to create an amazing gift that any teenager would love to receive.

I’ve shared some really creative ways to give money to a teenager, but there are so many more cool ideas you could come up with.

Getting money as a gift is sure to delight an teen, but making it a little more special by finding a creative way to give them the money will create a lasting memory.

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