Free Christmas Shopping List Template (Stay Sane, Organized and On Budget)

You need a Christmas shopping list.

I know that’s blunt, but let’s review how the holiday shopping season usually goes.

In mid-fall you start thinking about what gifts you want to give your family.

You try to keep a running list of gift ideas in your mind and hope you can recall them when you get a moment to shop.


You scribble gift ideas on random pieces of paper when you think of them and now you don’t know where they are.

Right before your Christmas shopping trip, you decide to try and recall as many things as you can and write them down so you’ll have at least some sense of direction in the stores.

You get home from shopping and start thinking of all the things you forgot to put on the list.

Now you have to go back.

Printable Christmas Shopping List

If you start Christmas shopping season off like that every year, it’s time to make a change, mama. And I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

It’s a super easy printable Christmas shopping list template.

No more duplicating gifts because you forgot what you bought already and no more forgetting what you want to get for each person.

This Christmas shopping list gives you a place to write down everything on one sheet so it will be neat and organized and most importantly all in one place when you need it!

You’ll also be able to keep track of all the things you’ve already bought and stashed away.

Use this Christmas shopping list template for:

  • Family and friend gifts
  • Office Christmas parties
  • Secret Santa gift exchanges
  • Kids’ classroom gifts
  • Any other gift giving occasion!

Free Printable Christmas Gift List

Christmas shopping list template


I also think kids would get a kick out of planning their Christmas gift list with this printable.

Print several copies and give one to each of your children so they can learn a bit of planning and organization.


Not only will it be a fun way for them to keep track of purchasing and wrapping, but it can also help them learn how to budget.

Here’s how:

By writing a list of all the people they want to get gifts for (and possibly the exact gift they want to give each person), they get a clear idea of if they have enough money to get everything on their list.

If they have several siblings listed and also every kid in their class, they may have to decide whether or not they can buy something for everyone in their class or choose something very inexpensive so everyone gets something.

It’s a great way to help them learn about budgeting their own money.

It can also help you in the same way.

Writing a list of everyone you want to purchase a gift for will help you see if you are overextending your budget.

How to Use Your Christmas Shopping List Template

This is the easy part.

To use your Christmas shopping list, first write down everyone you think you’ll want to buy a gift for this year. Start with those you know for sure, then add those who are “maybes” (I recommend using a pencil so you can easily erase names and change gifts).

Once you have the names written on the list, write down the gift ideas and the approximate cost for each one.

This will give you a rough estimate of how much your gift giving will cost you. Then you will be able to add or remove names or change gifts to better fit your budget.

Next, the fun part – shopping!

Since you’ve already worked out your budget you can now go to the stores with a solid plan of who to buy for and what to buy. You’ll be less tempted to toss random things in your cart this way.

After you’ve made your purchases (whether all at once or a little at a time) you can then check off that person from your list (so satisfying!).

The last thing is to check off when you’ve wrapped each gift and you’re done!

Do this along with your kids so they can see it in action and follow along with their own Christmas shopping list template. Kids learn best when they get hands-on experience and when they can watch you model how it’s done.

Easy-peasy, right?

For me there’s nothing like pen and paper when I’m planning and making lists really does make the organizational side of me smile.

Try it and see what you think. Using a Christmas shopping list template is a simple, yet effective way to keep your Christmas budget in check, keep you organized and keep you sane.

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