Fun Emoji Christmas Lunchbox Notes

Use these printable emoji themed Christmas lunchbox notes for your child’s school lunch in anticipation of Christmas.

The closer it gets to Christmas, the more joy and excitement builds among kids.

There’s just something about coming back to school after Thanksgiving break and feeling the anticipation of Christmas in the air.

Seeing the Elf on the shelf, watching Christmas movies and decorating for the holiday are all things moms do with their kids to lead up to Christmas, and now here is one more thing that will add even more fun to your kid’s excitement.

I’ve created a fun set of Christmas lunchbox notes to send with your kids to school each day leading up to Christmas.

Can you imagine the smiles that will be on their faces when they open their lunchboxes and find one of these notes? It will be something they start to look forward to each day.

Using Your Christmas Lunchbox Notes

There are eight Christmas lunchbox notes in all, so you can send one for the last eight days of school before the long Christmas break. Or, to really build the anticipation, use the countdown lunchbox note each day to remind them that it won’t be long before Santa arrives.

I’ve also included a blank page of Christmas lunchbox notes. So you can come up with your own Christmas messages for your child and make it personal just for them.

These Christmas lunchbox notes are emoji themed so boys and girls will like them and the best part is that they are free to download and print.

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To use the note, just download them to your computer and print them. I recommend printing them on heavy cardstock paper so they are durable. Then just cut them out and send one each day for as many days leading up to Christmas as you want.

Bonus: These can also double as gift tags on your child’s presents!

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