Chores for Kids (Age, Rewards and Motivation)

Kids should do chores. That’s a fact.

But it’s not always easy figuring out how to get your kids to do chores or even what age they should be doing certain things.

Should they know how to sweep by seven?

Should kids know how to clean a bathroom by 10?

Should they understand how to wash and detail a car by 14?

Here on For Modern Kids, we’ve listed out many, many chores for kids that are age-appropriate.

With our easy chore guides, you can pick what you want your child to do and feel confident they are doing age-appropriate tasks.

We’ve got chores broken down by age, by season and by type.

We even have ideas for the best chores for kids to earn money and allowance.

Boy carrying a laundry hamper doing his chores

Chores for Kids by Age

Whether you need to know how to get your kids to do chores or what age they should be doing certain chores, we’ve got something for you.

Here’s a list of kids chores by age.

Kids Chore Ideas

This list of chores for kids will help you with daily chore ideas, seasonal chores and getting your kids motivated to do their chores.

Kids doing chores

How to Reward Kids for Doing Chores

Some parents feel like kids shouldn’t be rewarded for doing household chores.

Other parents think it’s perfectly fine to incentivize kids and give them rewards for a job well done.

If you are a parent who is interested in rewarding your child for doing their chores, here are some chore reward ideas to try and ideas for consequences for not doing chores.

Why Should Kids do Chores?

Chores teach kids responsibility and give them a sense of community.

Everyone likes to feel like they belong and taking ownership of certain tasks around the house is the perfect way to make sure kids feel like they are contributing members of their family.

Even though kids give push-back sometimes, it’s important for them to know that as parents, we value them and believe in their capabilities in helping out.

When they help around they house, it demonstrates their responsibility and maturity.

Taking the time to talk to your child and explain how much you value their contribution and how it helps the family run more smoothly can make a world of difference in their attitude toward chores at home.

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