The Best Chores for Boys: An Age-By-Age Guide

I don’t have to tell you how important chores are in your household.

Understanding how important chores can be is the easy party – coming up with appropriate chores for boys is a little bit harder.

Whether you have toddler boys or teenagers, finding chores that teach and engage can sometimes be a difficult task.

If you’re racking your brain to come up with good chores for boys, don’t worry!

This big list of chores for kids of any age will help you filll up your kid’s chore chart in no time.

Chores for 2-3 Year Old Boys

Toddlers are great at helping. Not only do kids this age want to help out around the house – they actually enjoy doing it, too!

That makes two to three years old a great time to start adding chores to your toddler’s day. But not all household chores are suitable for toddlers.

Chores for toddlers should be simple enough for your little one to handle and easy enough to accomplish within a few minutes to avoid inevitable distractions.

These simple chores for boys are a great introduction to housework for toddlers:

  • Make the bed every morning with adult supervision
  • Pick up and put away their toys when they’re finished playing
  • Pick up their own dirty clothes and place them in the hamper
  • Collect dirty clothing from around the house on laundry day
  • Help pour food and water into the pet’s bowls
  • Help clean up small messes around the house
  • Dust with a dusting wand or dry cloth
  • Take their own dirty dishes to the kitchen

Chores for Boys Ages 4 to 5

Once your boys start preschool, they’re more than likely ready to accept a little more responsibility around the house.

Help reinforce the rules and responsibilities they use each day at school by providing more advanced household tasks at home.

In addition to the chores they do as toddlers, these chores for boys are great for helping your preschooler become more responsible while they’re at home:

  • Make their bed without assistance every morning
  • Unload plastic dishes and silverware from the dishwasher and put them away
  • Clean their room, including dusting, with help from an adult
  • Help adults set and clear the dinner table each day
  • Wash plastic dishes in the sink
  • Give food and water to pets without supervision
  • Water indoor plants
  • Sort the family’s dirty laundry according to color
  • Match socks in the clean laundry
  • Carry folded laundry to each room
  • Put their clean laundry away with assistance from an adult if needed
  • Fold dish towels and wash clothes

Chores for Elementary Aged Boys

After having the opportunity to complete basic chores for a few years, your elementary aged boys are probably ready to take on a few extra tasks.

When thinking about new chores your elementary-schooler can add to their chore chart, consider their age and ability. Adding chores that are too simple will make your elementary-schooler bored quickly.

But if the chores are too difficult, they may become frustrated and give up before the task is done.

In addition to all the chores they are able to do while they were a toddler and preschooler, your elementary aged kids can also add these easy-to-do chores to their daily to-do list:

  • Make their bed every morning
  • Take care of daily personal tasks, like getting dressed, brushing teeth and combing hair
  • Keep their room picked up and clean
  • Dust each room in the house
  • Vacuum and sweep the floor in each room
  • Fold their own laundry (with help)
  • Put their clean laundry away in their room
  • Assist with meal prep each evening
  • Bring the mail in from the mailbox
  • Take the garbage to the outside garbage cans
  • Pull the garbage cans back to the house after the trash has been picked up
  • Wipe bathroom sinks
  • Clean toilets
boy doing chores in bathroom

Chores for Middle School Boys

Once your boys reach middle school age, you may begin to see some push-back when it comes to doing chores.

At this age, it’s a great idea to find chores that are not only age-appropriate, but also engaging for your kids. To ensure your boys stay on track with their chores each day, it’s also a good idea to use a chore chart to outline their responsibilities.

When adding chores to your middle-schooler’s chore chart, consider these chores in addition to the ones already listed above:

  • Keep their bedroom clean by making their bed each day, picking up stray items, dusting regularly, and vacuuming
  • Handle all personal hygiene and clothing on their own
  • Sort their own laundry, put it in the washer, and transfer it to the dryer
  • Fold and put away their own laundry
  • Rake leaves in the fall and shovel snow in the winter
  • Weed the garden
  • Assist in cleaning the bathroom
  • Take the pets out for walks, in addition to feeding and watering them
  • Take the trashcans to the curb on garbage day
  • Clean out the cat’s litter box

The Best Chores for Preteen Boys

When boys reach the preteen stage, finding chores for them isn’t difficult, but actually getting your preteen to do their chores certainly is.

Make sure your preteen boys know exactly what chores they’re supposed to do each day by keeping up with their chore charts. And on top of using a chore chart, it’s also a good idea to make sure your preteens know the consequences in place if the chores aren’t done.

The best chores for boys who are preteens are ones that involve taking care of themselves and their own property, in addition to accepting more responsibility around the house.

Consider these chores for your preteen boys:

  • Be completely responsible for themselves, including all personal hygiene and schoolwork
  • Keep track of and maintain all personal items, including taking care of electronic items
  • Change their own bedding each week and launder as needed
  • Dust, vacuum, and mop anywhere in the house without adult supervision
  • Clean all bathrooms without assistance
  • Load and unload the dishwasher and put all dishes away
  • Sort, wash, and dry laundry for everyone in the house
  • Put everyone’s laundry away
  • Babysit younger siblings
  • Prepare simple meals without the need for supervision
  • Mow the lawn

Chores for Teenage Boys

Now that your boys are teenagers, they should be well versed in helping out around the house. And the good news is that your teenage boys are capable of doing more than just housework.

They can also assist in other areas of home care, with a little adult guidance.

As you’re considering chores for your teen boys, think about their abilities and interests.

In addition to adding regular housework to their to-do list, consider adding tasks that are aligned with their personality, like computer updates for tech-loving boys or home repairs for boys who are handy with tools.

These chores for boys are perfect for your teenagers:

  • Take responsibility for personal finances, including balancing a checkbook
  • Assume full responsibility for their bedroom’s organization and cleanliness
  • Assist with yard work, including trimming hedges and planting new plants
  • Help with basic home repairs with adult supervision
  • Assist with tech maintenance, like computer updates
  • Prepare meals, including grocery shopping and meal planning
  • Wash, clean, and maintain their own vehicle, including oil changes
  • Wash interior and exterior windows
  • Assist with all cleaning throughout the house as needed

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