Fun (Cheap!) LEGO Sets for Girls

LEGOs are a great way to encourage young girls of all ages to become interested in engineering and construction.

But if you’re not careful, those educational building sets can also be a very expensive hobby!

Luckily, there are tons of amazing cheap LEGO sets for girls to play with if you know where to look.

With the help of these budget-friendly LEGO kits, your girl can have fun building and learning.

LEGO activities for kids don’t have to break the bank!

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How to Choose LEGOs for Girls

To choose a good LEGO set for a girl, think about the kind of things she’s already into and the different ways she likes to play.

LEGO makes many themed sets so there is bound to be one that fits her interests.

Does she like fantasy? How about a Harry Potter LEGO set.

Is she into space exploration? Get her a LEGO space shuttle.

Are super heroes her thing? There’s a Wonder Woman LEGO set for that!

Even girls (like me!) who totally adore the Golden girls can have their pick of a Golden Girls LEGO set.

There really is something for everyone when it comes to LEGOs!

If you’re having a hard time deciding what to get, the best way to find out is to ask.

Cheap LEGO Sets for Girls

There’s no reason to spend a ton of money on toys – even if your daughter loves playing with LEGOs.

From a Disney-themed set to fun animal playsets, there are a variety of different models and cute LEGOs perfect for girls.

With the help of these budget-friendly building block sets, you can encourage her to get creative without overspending in the process.

One quick word of caution: if you have young children, be careful of small pieces that can become choking hazards.

Be sure the LEGO set you choose for your girl is age-appropriate, meaning it is an easy build for her and the pieces are the right size.

Now without further ado, let’s check out these super affordable girls LEGOs.

LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase

Help your girl get her LEGO collection started with a basic LEGO suitcase.

This comprehensive set comes with more than 200 pieces, including a selection of colorful LEGO Classic pieces, like bricks, shapes, wheels and eyes.

In addition to the bricks, the set also includes a suitcase to organize all the LEGO building bricks and take them wherever your daughter wants to go.

For the girl with a free imagination and lots of ideas of her own, these regular LEGOs are one of the best LEGO sets.

Classic LEGOs are a great gift for girls who like to go beyond a boxed play set and create their own LEGO themes and scenes.

Lego Friends Doggy Daycare 

Girls who love baby dog toys will have hours of creative fun with the LEGO Friends Doggy Day Care animal playset.

This cute LEGO set comes with LEGO Friends Emma and Roxy mini-dolls, a dog figure and a puppy figure, along with a grooming area, cash register, separate bathing pool and agility tunnel for the dogs to play in.

Your girls will have a blast grooming the dogs, playing with the pets in the garden, scrubbing the dogs in the pool, or selling dog snacks to customers after they’re finished building this set.

Elsa’s Castle Courtyard

Even though there are many cheap LEGO sets for girls, you can give your Disney Frozen fan a fun and educational toy with LEGO Disney Elsa’s Castle Courtyard Building Kit.

This budget-friendly set includes a buildable ice castle fountain and a transforming diamond dress designed to fit a mini-doll figure perfectly inside.

Featuring Disney’s Elsa and a Snowgie, this mini set can be combined with other Disney sets for even more creative fun.

LEGO Friends Forest House

Have fun with wildlife play with the help of the LEGO Friends Forest House building set.

This cheap set includes two adorable mini-dolls and a LEGO Friends Ava micro-doll, along with a raccoon figure and a separate kayaking scene.

From getting cozy in the bedroom to hanging out in the outdoor lounge, your girl will have so much fun playing with this adorable forest retreat set. 

LEGO Disney Princess Storybook

Here’s a great choice if your kid is a fan of Disney princesses, they’ll love this cute storybook LEGO set.

Featuring popular Disney Princesses Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Tiana, this cheap LEGO building set is packed with Disney fun.

Use this set to build an opening book with a two-sided castle, small chariot, free-form stickers and plenty of play starters for imaginative fun.

This cute mini set also comes with Gus, Lumiere, a dolphin and frog LEGO figures for girls to play with.

LEGO Dots Message Board

With the help of this LEGO DOTS Message Board kit, your kid can create a new colorful design to decorate their room every day of the week.

Featuring colorful lettering tiles to create personalized messages and more than 500 tiles that include a range of colors and shapes to help kids decorate their text, this buildable message board is the perfect gift idea for any creative kid.

And since the DIY message board measures over 10.5 inches wide, it has plenty of room for kids to say what they want or create fun designs over and over again.

I really love this as one of the best cheap LEGO sets for girls.

LEGO Friends Horse Training Set

Have some creative fun at home with this cute Horse Training and Trailer set.

This adorable building set includes a buildable car, trailer for the horses, and stables, along with LEGO Friends Stephanie and Emma mini-dolls, a horse toy with a movable head and a foal toy.

Any horse-loving little girl will have a blast building and playing with this cute set.

Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop

Many young girls agree that this is one of the best LEGO sets simply because they love Minnie Mouse!

This cheap LEGO Disney Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop set is perfect for any Disney fan!

The set features a buildable ice cream shop, a car with a Starter Brick chassis, along with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck minifigures and an exclusive Mickey silhouette tile.

LEGO Friends Cat Grooming Car

Any pet loving kid would have a blast building this cheap LEGO set!

The Cat Grooming Car gets kids having fun collecting stray animals in a kitty-shaped car and giving them a makeover at a buildable LEGO salon.

This cute set comes with LEGO Friends Emma and Mia, plus cat and kitten toys.

And since it’s compatible with all LEGO bricks, it can also be expanded as your kids’ LEGO collection grows.

Fantasy Forest Creatures

This budget-friendly LEGO set comes with three animal scenes in one.

Your kids can create an owl and a hedgehog, a young deer and a rabbit, and a squirrel with this LEGO Creator three in one Fantasy Forest Creatures set.

And since each figure is a posable model, your kids can have tons of fun playing after they’re finished building the animals.

The owl has posable feet, wings, head and feathers; the young deer has posable legs and feet; the rabbit can move its ears; and the squirrel has posable limbs and ears.

Once they’re done building the animals, girls can take the finished product and have fun imagining they’re playing in the forest with their furry friends!

LEGO Friends Forest Waterfall

The Forest Waterfall building set is a budget-friendly creative toy.

It’s a fun way for any kid who loves exploring to have imaginary play in the great outdoors with their friends.

This cheap LEGO set comes with LEGO Friends Andrea and Olivia mini-dolls, a squirrel figure, a scooter, campfire, marshmallow on a stick, a bridge that crosses a river and woodland waterfall LEGO pieces.

Your mini-dolls can explore the forest on their scooter, feed the squirrel toy a chestnut, use the mini binoculars to spot wildlife, or discover a gem hidden behind the waterfall as your kids play.

Isabella’s Magic Door

Have some Disney fun at home with LEGO Isabela’s Magical Door set.

The fun begins with unlocking and opening the door! Behind the locked door, your girl will find a 114-piece set features Disney characters Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel, plus bird and butterfly LEGO figures and a sticker sheet.

LEGO Dots Bracelet and Bag Tag

Older children can have some arts-and-crafts fun with this LEGO DOTS Candy Kitty Bracelet & Bag Tag craft kit.

This creative set comes with a variety of candy-colored bricks to help your girl design their own jewelry.

Included is an adjustable band in pastel yellow, a bag tag in white, and plenty of bright, colorful tiles to create endless designs.

Little builders can create jewelry for themselves or to share with a friend.

Dolphin and Turtle LEGO Creator

Kids can create underwater toys with this LEGO Creator three in one dolphin and turtle sea animal set.

Since your kid can choose from three cute underwater scenes: teaming up with a dolphin and turtle, swimming with a seahorse and a sea snail, or playing with a fish and a crab.

And the best part is that each of the three models feature posable sea animals, including a baby dolphin with a posable body, flippers, jaw and tail, and a baby sea turtle with posable fins and flippers.

More LEGO sets for kids

Once you’ve got your inexpensive LEGO sets for girls, if you need more LEGO ideas for kids of different age ranges, here are some more ideas to choose from.

Try these LEGO builds for girls that are not only fun, but also educational.

LEGOs aren’t just for girls, either! These LEGO sets for boys are a fun addition to any kid’s toy box.

Have younger kids? A LEGO set for toddlers may be just the thing!

Toddler LEGOs have larger bricks and larger mini figures so they’re safe for little kids.

And the great thing about them is that they can also help young kids with their fine motor skills, too!

These are fun cheap LEGO sets for girls and since they are affordable, you can get them for birthday presents, Christmas presents or just for fun!

With these LEGO sets, she can take imaginative play to new heights!

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