30 Easy and Proven Business Ideas for Teens to Start Now

Starting a business is a great way for teens to earn extra money in their spare time. So if you’re looking for business ideas for teens to be able to start right now, this list will provide you with lots of easy ideas to explore.

On top of allowing them to work around their schedule, managing their own business can also be a learning experience.

They’ll get to improve their customer service skills, understand the inner workings of a business, and practice managing their own money.

If your teen is interested in starting a business, the first step is coming up with an idea. These 30 business ideas for teens are a great way for them to get inspiration for their start-up.

How Can a Teenager Start a Business?

There is really no age limit to starting a business, which means a teen can start their own business to earn money!

With a little bit of research and parental support, your teen can easily start their own business. When planning out their business idea, they can use these tips to help them get started.

Come Up with a Business Idea

The first step to starting any successful business is to come up with a great business idea.

Work with them to brainstorm possible ideas for their business or browse the list of ideas below to come up with some business opportunities that may work for your them.

Make a Business Plan

After deciding on the type of business they’ll start, it’s time to make a plan.

A business plan will help your teen develop their idea, figure out the steps they need to take to get the business started, and plan out how they will run their business and earn money.

When creating a busines plan, think about these important factors:

  • Where the business will be run
  • Who the ideal customers are for the business
  • How and where they’ll find those customers
  • What tools and supplies they’ll need to get started and operate on a daily basis
  • The amount of money they’ll need to invest to get started
  • How much they’ll charge for their products and/or services
  • The name of the business

Find Money to Start the Business

While some businesses may not require an upfront investment to get started, other business plans may need money to put them into motion.

If your teen’s business needs money upfront, make sure they know how much they’ll need and where they’ll get the money. Will they use their allowance to pay the upfront costs? Will you loan them the money to get started?

Check Local and State Business Operation Requirements

Some local and state governments require business permits, even if the business is owned and operated by a teenager.

Make sure to check in your area to see if there are any legal requirements you should know about before your teen starts operating their business.

Make Financial Decisions

Before your teen starts earning money, it’s a good idea to have a financial plan in place.

Start by opening a business checking account separate from your teen’s other accounts. Show them how to use the business account to track all of their income and expenses that are part of their business.

Keep in mind that if your teen’s business makes more than $400 in a year, they must file an income tax return and pay quarterly taxes on their earnings.

Advertise the Business

Once they have a business plan worked out, it’s time for them to find their first customer.

They can start by letting friends and family know about their business so word of mouth advertising can start working its magic. Then advertise the business on online outlets, like social media networks.

Your teen can also post flyers at local businesses, like grocery stores and gas stations, to let people in your town know they’re open for business.

Business Ideas for Teens

Finding a great business idea for your teen is the first step in helping them get started. But coming up with an idea is sometimes easier said than done.

If you need inspiration, don’t worry! There are a variety of different avenues your teen can take when it comes to starting their own business.

Typically, teen businesses will fall into three categories:

  • Service business. With a service business, teens will offer a service in exchange for payment. Service businesses typically charge a set fee or hourly rate for a service. Payment can be received before the service is rendered, after the service is finished, or a portion of the payment made upfront and the remainder paid after the job is done.
  • Product business. On the other hand, your teen could start a product business in which they sell physical products to customers. They would sell products they make themselves or resell products for a profit. Either way, payment is typically made at the time of purchase, with the item being delivered after payment is made.
  • Online business. While many people think of businesses as being an in-person operation, starting an online business is a great way for teens to earn extra money. When creating an online business, your teen could offer services, products, or a combination of both. But instead of providing those services or products in person, the transactions will be completed online.
Smiling teen girl holding a mixing bowl and whisk.

Service Businesses for Teens

Starting a service business is a great option for teens because they typically require little upfront investment or overhead to operate. And your teen can use the skills they already have to earn money.

Service businesses also give teenagers a chance to practice their customer service skills, which will help them tremendously as they get older and start other jobs or businesses.

There are a variety of great services your teen can offer as part of their business. Consider their skills and interests to uncover a service idea that they can excel at.


Teens who do well at school can use their knowledge to help other kids their age improve their grades. Your teen can offer instruction in different subject areas or provide SAT or college prep tutoring to other students.

Music lessons

Does your teen have musical abilities they can teach to other kids? Providing music lessons is a great business option for anyone who excels at an instrument.

Child care

Babysitting and working as a nanny is another great business idea for teens. Providing this service will allow your teen to work around their schedule and have fun playing with kids while they earn money.

Pet care

Maybe your teen enjoys spending time with pets over kids. A pet care business is a great option for them. Pet sitting, dog walking, or pet grooming are all services that pet-lovers could offer as part of their business.


Teenagers who enjoy spending time outdoors can start their own landscaping company helping locals take care of the yards. And while it may seem like a landscaping business may be seasonal, there are plenty of jobs they can do year-round.

During the spring and summer, they can take care of mowing lawns and maintaining gardens. In the fall, they can remove and dispose of leaves. And in the winter months, they can shovel show.

Car washing and detailing

Teens who enjoy cars will have fun offering car washing and detailing services. They may consider creating a mobile service, traveling to the car owners’ homes to provide a convenient service.

Running errands

Whether they’re helping busy moms or elderly neighbors, running errands is another great service your teen could offer as part of their business. From picking up groceries, prescriptions, dry cleaning, or restaurant orders, teenagers with a car could run this service based business during after school hours.

House cleaning

Keeping a clean house can be difficult for many families, which means house cleaning services will always be in demand. If you have a tidy teen at home, encourage them to start a house cleaning business to earn extra money.

Tech support

Teens seem to be born with tech knowledge, which means offering tech services is a great idea. If your teen is proficient at computers or phones, providing customers with tech support could be a good business idea for them.

In addition to troubleshooting issues, they could also offer set-up services for new computers, smart home devices, and even phones.


Taking photos is a great way for teens to earn money since there are so many different types of photography they could do. Your teen could work as a portrait photographer, event photographer or even a pet photographer.

Moving services

Families planning to move could use the help of strong teenagers to transport boxes from their old home to their new home. From packing to logistics, your teen could handle all aspects of moving by creating a moving business.

Organizing services

Is your teen great at keeping their room neat and organized? This skill could be beneficial to a variety of customers!

Offering organizing services, your teen can help people sort through the clutter in their customer’s home, dispose of the things they don’t want, and organize everything that’s left.

Holiday services

With so much work that goes into the holidays, there are a variety of holiday-related services teenagers could provide in their business. From helping families decorate their homes to providing gift wrapping services, a holiday-related business could be a fun way for them to earn extra spending money.

Beauty services

Teens who are great at doing makeup or hair could start a beauty business. They could offer make-up and hair services to other teens or adults getting ready for special events, like prom or a wedding, or they could assist photographers with hair and makeup during photo shoots.

Party entertainer

Is your teen always the life of the party? Put that energy to use by starting a party entertaining business. They could work as a clown or magician at kid’s parties or dress up as different characters and make appearances at birthday celebrations.

Odd jobs

There will always be jobs around the house that people just don’t want to do or don’t have time for. Make sure your teen is the one they call when they have a small job that needs to be done!

There are tons of odd job services they could offer, from washing out dirty trash cans to knocking down an old wasp’s nest.

Product Business Ideas for Teens

Selling products is another great way for teenagers to start a business.

Your teen can create their own products to sell or resell existing products to earn extra money. Either way, they’re sure to have a blast creating a product-based business. And they’ll learn a lot about profit margins and cost savings as they work.

Handmade products

Making and selling products is a popular business option, even among teens. If you have a creative teen, there’s no limit to the types of handmade products they can make and sell.

Your teen could make home décor, accessories, toys, soaps, candles, or jewelry to sell. Handmade products can be sold online, at craft fairs and markets, or in resale shops.

Clothing and t-shirt designs

Maybe you have a budding fashion designer who’s looking for a good business idea. Creating custom designed clothing or graphic t-shirts is a fun business opportunity that would encourage your teen to hone their design skills.

Upcycled products

Your teen could also use their creativity to upcycle products and resell them. Fixing up old furniture, repurposing items into something new, or repairing broken products are all easy products teens could sell as part of their business.

Baked goods

Is your teen a great baker? Why not start a business selling their delicious creations? They could sell cakes, cookies, brownies, donuts, cheesecakes, or any other desserts they enjoy making.

Catering or meal delivery

If your teen likes cooking savory foods more than baking, starting a cooking business is another option. Starting a catering company is great for teens who enjoy cooking large meals. But they could also offer family-sized meals to busy moms as a way to earn extra money and have fun in the kitchen.

Fresh fruits and veggies

Does your teen enjoy gardening? Help them set up a garden so they can sell their fresh fruits and veggies at the local farmer’s market. Selling fresh produce is one of those business ideas for teens that will not only help them make money, but will also benefit the entire community.

Pet products

People love their pets, which means there’s a big market for handmade pet products. Homemade treats, handmade toys, and decorative leashes and collars are all products teens could make and sell.

Online Businesses a Teenager Can Start

Your teenager probably spends a ton of time online anyway, so why not encourage them to make money at the same time?

There are a variety of ways they can start earning money while they’re online, depending on their skills and abilities.

In this list of online business ideas for teens include social media and doing work for others.

YouTube personality

Does your teen have an interest in videography or YouTube? Starting a YouTube channel is a fun way for them to earn money. YouTube personalities typically earn money through advertising and sponsorships, which means your teen could make extra spending money if their channel becomes popular.


If they prefer writing and photography over video, starting a blog may be an option for them. Blogging will require your teen to write and take photos, but they can choose the topic of their blog, allowing them to share their passion and make extra money.

Bloggers typically earn income through advertising, sponsorships, and product sales.

Social media influencer

If your teen is an avid social media user, they may be able to turn their influence into a branded business to earn money.

Brands often pay popular social media users to show off their products, allowing your teen to use their social channels to get free stuff and earn money, too.

Freelance writer or proofreader

While not all freelance writing has to be done online, finding writing jobs is easier than ever thanks to the internet. If your teen is a great writer, working as a freelance writer is perfect for them.

To get jobs, they can search online job postings or pitch story ideas to online outlets.

Virtual assistant

Teens with good communication skills can offer online services to entrepreneurs as a virtual assistant. There are a variety of tasks they could do as an online assistant, including social media management, email management, customer support, data entry, and scheduling tasks.

Graphic or web design

Being proficient at online design is a great way for your teen to earn money online. Whether they create graphic designs for businesses or build websites from scratch, using their design skills to start a business could be very profitable.

Digital product sales

Selling digital products is a great business idea for teens. There are tons of different types of digital products they can sell, including printable products, like planners or worksheets, e-books, courses, or graphic designs, like social media templates or clipart.

Ecommerce shop

Another great option for teens looking for online business ideas is an ecommerce shop. Your teen can open an online shop and sell products to earn money. Products can be items purchased elsewhere (like yard sales) and resold through an online marketplace, like Ebay or Craigslist. Or your teen can handle all their sales online by using a drop shipping company to provide products for their online shop.


With this list of business ideas for teens, your teenage son or daughter is sure to find an idea that resonates with them.

Most of these ideas are easy to begin and can be done after school or during the summer.

They’re a great way to teach teenagers to manage a money and build a business for future success.

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