BumbleBee Mine Valentine’s Day Cookies

You guys, we just can’t stop with the cute themed valentines cookies.

Today it’s all about the bumblebee. Can you think of a more fitting theme for a valentine? Hello “bee mine” and “will you bee my Valentine?”

Since our ladybug Valentine’s Day cookies were such a hit we thought we’d bring you another cute bug valentine cookie that any kid would enjoy getting.

They are perfect for the Valentine’s Day class party or as a fun activity to do with the kids on Valentine’s Day.

You could even surprise them after school with these fun cookies to add a little extra love to their Valentine’s Day.

They’re really easy and fun to make and we’re sure adults and kids alike will get a kick out of making them.

A fun Valentine's Day treat any kid would love. Make these super easy BEE Mine Valentine's Day Cookies. Kids can take them to school and they're sure to be a hit! #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayRecipes #ValentinesDayDesserts #ValentinesCookies #ValentinesForKids

BumbleBEE Mine Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipe

You’ll need:

  • 1 package of Double Stuffed Oreos
  • 1 bag of yellow candy melts
  • 2 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1 tube of black cookie icing
  • 1 container of small edible eyes
  • 1 container of confetti hearts
  • 1 cup of milk chocolate melting wafers
  • 1 cookie sheet fitted with parchment paper

*Makes 18 BumbleBEE Mine Oreo Cookies


  1. Completely melt yellow candy melts in a double broiler.
  2. Add in coconut oil and mix until until smooth.
  3. Carefully place the Oreo into the candy melt mixture.
  4. Using a fork, flip the Oreo over until it is fully coated.
  5. Carefully lift the Oreo and lightly tap the edge of the pot to remove excess candy melt.
  6. Place Oreo on the cookie sheet.
  7. Repeat above steps with remaining Oreos.
  8. Place aside and let yellow candy melt mixture completely cool and harden on Oreos.
  9. Next, place chocolate melting wafers into the double boiler.
  10. Once melted, carefully dip the tip of the Oreo into the chocolate and lightly shake off excess.
  11. Place two eyes in the center of the milk chocolate.
  12. Using the black cookie icing, pipe three lines on the Oreo for the lines of the bee.
  13. Place a red confetti heart on the end of  the bee as his stinger.
  14. Let cookie set for 30 minutes and enjoy!


Adorable Bumble BEE Mine Valentines Day Cookies. The perfect class party treat idea! #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayRecipes #ValentinesDayDesserts #ValentinesCookies #ValentinesForKids

If you’re looking for a non-mushy valentine that can be given to any kid check out our monster valentine bookmarks.

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