The Big List of Chores for 10+ Year Olds

The Big List of chores for 10+ year olds gives practical tasks children this age should know how to do. From cooking meals to cleaning the bathroom, encourage kids in this age group to have a good attitude towards keeping up the home.

Once kids reach ten years and older, they are capable of doing a lot. Hopefully you started training them to do chores from the time they were toddlers, gradually increasing their chores as they got older.

Now is the time to start thinking of giving them more independence in the way their chores are done, and in some instances, when they get them done.

Allowing them to make these choices sets them apart from younger age groups and allows them to feel like they are growing up and being trusted to make good decisions.

Wondering what kind of chores your kids 10 and older should be doing? Here is the BIG LIST of things they can handle as they get older.

Age-Appropriate Chores for 10+ Year Olds


Doing their own laundry should be a no-brainer at this point. At this age, they should be able to sort, wash, dry, fold, and put away laundry without any supervision.

Keep room tidy

Keeping a tidy room should be a requirement.

At this age, kids are old enough to know how to put things away as they finish with them, and do a sweep each night before bed.

Even if they do it differently than how they were taught when younger, they should still know the basics of keeping a room looking nice.

Cook Several meals

At ten, kids have likely experimented in the kitchen, or at the least, helped mom or dad prepare meals.

They will probably know how to make some basic meals (think soups, salads, breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes, etc.)

Allow them to have one or several nights to make a dinner of their choosing to practice those cooking skills (when practical).

Don’t make it a requirement, as to not interfere with homework, sports, and other extra curricular activities. But allow them to hone those kitchen skills whenever possible.

Clean kitchen

Kitchen chores can include taking out the trash, sweeping, mopping, loading and unloading the dishwasher, hand washing dishes, wiping counters and cabinet fronts, and any other specifics that need to be done.

In addition to the everyday tasks of sweeping and doing the dishes, a child that is at least ten should be able to write out a grocery list.

Keep a notepad and pencil next to the refrigerator so they can write down the things that need to be replaced as they notice them.

As they get older, they should be able to write grocery lists for meals they plan to make. They can even help writing a complete list for a week or month.

Clean bathroom

Bathroom chores can include sweeping, mopping, wiping the sink, toilet, and bathtub, wiping mirrors and walls.

General household

Some things need to be done on a regular basis for the upkeep of the home. These chores can go on a daily or weekly schedule for kids ten and older:

  • dust
  • mop
  • vacuum
  • windows
  • pets (walk, feed, clean)
  • empty trash

Basic shopping

A great way to practice those reading and math skills is to help with the grocery shopping.

Once they’ve written a grocery list, take them along with you to the store so they see how you shop.

Teach them about comparing prices, quantity, quality, and everything that goes into being an efficient shopper.

Once it’s been modeled a couple times, give them a small list of things to shop for to get some practice. When they’re ready, add more items.

Care for pets

Walk, feed, and wash pets as necessary.

Basic home maintenance

It’s a good idea for kids around this age to know how to do basic maintenance tasks on a home like changing light bulbs, hanging pictures, painting small areas, some furniture assembly, etc.

Knowing these things will give them a good foundation for their future homes.

Encouraging 10+ Year Olds to Do Chores

This is the time when kids start to enter pre-puberty. They are really starting to discover who they are and making a lot more autonomous choices for themselves. They are dealing with the pressures of growing responsibilities at school and at home.

This is when they need more encouragement than ever!

Remind them that they are important as individuals first. That they are loved no matter what they do or don’t do.

Then constantly tell them how you really appreciate them taking responsibility around the house and being a family team player.

You can’t emphasize your gratitude enough.

Children need to hear that they are appreciated and that the work they do doesn’t go unnoticed.

It should be clear to them that their chores are non-negotiable as a member of the family unit, but also that the work they do is greatly beneficial to the family.

Encouragement can go a long way in fostering a good attitude towards chores and the household.

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