The Best Toy Cars, Trucks and Vehicle Play Sets (& Accessories!) for Kids Who Like Things that Go!

Planes, trains, automobiles and toys that go!

Kids love all things that move and zoom and there are so many different types of vehicle play sets kids can use to zoom all over.

You can find a variety in cast iron, wood or even plastic.  You can also find some that light up or play music.  

This gift guide will show you a variety of car, truck and vehicle play sets by age range, making it easy to find highly reviewed items for your child. These make perfect gifts for under the Christmas tree or even as stocking stuffers.

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Be sure to check the age ranges and skill levels of the toys you’re interested in to ensure your child is safe during play and able to utilize the toy and its features.

Here’s our guide to the best toy cars, trucks, vehicles and play sets for kids.   

Best Vehicle Play Sets for Babies and Toddlers

Pull Back Construction Vehicles

Toddlers love to watch cars go. These pull-back construction vehicles will put a smile on your toddler’s face as they zoom across the floor. Designed for ages 3 and up, these help with hand/eye coordination as they pull back the car along the floor to watch it zoom forward.  

Top Bright Wooden Car Toys

Car carrying trucks are so much fun. This truck with car ramp will let your child (2 years and up) load cars onto the ramp and then drive them away.  Made of sturdy wood, this toy will last for years to come. Don’t forget the matching race track!

Jellydog Toy Tumble Train Track Set

Round and round we go. Your 3-year-old will have fun watching these trains as they follow the track and wrap around in circles, all while playing a fun tune. The music will make them dance while watching the trains will keep them entertained.

Melissa and Doug Soft Pull Back Vehicles

Soft toys are the way to go when you have babies. And what better way to introduce things that go to your little one than with these adorable soft pull-back vehicles from Melissa and Doug. With a school bus, a police car, a fire truck and a family car, babies will get visual stimulation as well as enjoy pulling their vehicles back and watching them zoom across the floor.

Fisher Price Little People Loops ‘N Swoops Amusement Park

Fisher Price never disappoints and it is no different with this Little People Wheelies Loops n’ Swoops. Standing at two feet tall, your toddler can drive their car, complete with Little People to the top and watch them zoom down to the bottom.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Race & Play Adventure Park

Amusement parks are always fun with their sounds and excitement. Your little one will love moving their cars around the track to visit different areas of the park, all while playing fun tunes.  Your kids can practice their fine motor skills by utilizing the five kid-powered zones.

Fisher Price Monster Trucks Racing Ramp

This cute little monster is open for your cars to zig zag down the raceway. Your toddler will enjoy playing with his soft hair and spinning the roller to hear a variety of songs and sounds.  This toy is safe for children as young as 6 months old.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Jet and Forklift

Your little one will enjoy pushing buttons on these little cars to see it light up and hear the music play.  As they push the vehicles around sounds will play to keep them entertained. They’ll also hear and learn the letters “F” and “J” through the music.

Best Vehicle Play Sets for Kids 4-8 Years Old

Bubble Blowing Farm Tractor

All kids love bubbles! That makes this bubble blowing tractor the perfect gift for a kid that is into all things farm and bubbles. It includes a tractor bed just like a real tractor so they can pull their equipment along and its own bubble solution. Just fill the reservoir and start to start blowing bubbles. Requires 3 AA batteries.

LEGO Duplo Town Airport

This play set has a variety of items for your child to play with. They begin by building the airport building, complete with luggage slide.  Your 2-5 year old can zoom around with the plane while it’s full of passengers, taking them to exciting places around the world.

Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck Vehicle

A steel dump truck is a classic toy that lasts for years and years. Tonka has this classic truck with working steel bed to empty its contents.  Rugged and built to last for years, your kids will love to run this through the yard.

Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Roadster RC Car

Minnie Mouse can cruise around the house, neighborhood or really anywhere with this easy to use remote control car. Decked out in polka dots, Minnie is ready for any situation. Her simple-to-use remote control will allow your 3 year old to steer her around.

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue

Your child can save the day with the help of the Paw Patrol! This Rescue Hovercraft comes complete with moving propellers and an extendable rescue hook. One Paw Patrol character is included, but more may be added here to create a complete rescue team!

Monster Jam Official Champ Ramp

If your child enjoys watching monster trucks flying through the sky, this is the toy for them! The Champ Ramp allows a monster truck to fly through the air. Will it land correctly or roll a few times, They’ll  just have to try it to see! The set comes complete with ramps and monster truck to get the action started.

Matchbox 4-Level Grage

This garage play set is a construction dream come true.  With four levels to drive around, it includes a spiral ramp, gas pump crane, track and working elevator. Your kids will have a blast sending their cars down the ramps and using the elevator to get back up to the top.

Green Toys Farm Play Set

This farm play set will encourage imaginative play. It comes complete with barn, pick up truck, cows, sheep and pigs, fences and even a hog shed. They can have hours of farm-friendly fun while playing with their animals and transporting them in the truck.

Light Up Monster Truck Set

Boys and girls alike enjoy monster trucks. They get even cooler when their tires light up and they play music. Your child can pull them back and watch them go! They will be zooming around the house or yard.

Ontel Magic Tracks Racetrack

This set of Magic Tracks have a serpentine design, allowing them to bend and transform into nearly any shape. The tracks will glow in the dark and the car is complete with LED lights. Nothing cooler than that! Your child will love moving the track and creatively making new designs to race his car on.

Barbie Pop-Up Camper

Barbie can do anything now, even go camping. I think this would be more of a “glamping” (glam camping) trip! The decked out pop-up camper features three stories. In addition to a bathroom and kitchen, this set also includes a fire pit so Barbie and her friends can enjoy a fire-cooked meal.

Best Vehicle Play Sets for Kids 9+ Years Old

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

The Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash set is more than just a toy. It teaches problem solving and planning, either to avoid a crash or cause one. You be the deciding factor in that. Older kids will love to watch the cars racing through and the excitement when they collide and crash into one another.

Growsland Rocket Racers

These mini motorized cars are great fun for older children up through adults. They charge via USB and have an LED light that gives a little extra boost to their sleek design. They will run for 120 minutes on a 15-20 minute charge, so they are always ready to have fun with!

United States Army Desert Patrol Vehicle

This United States Army Desert Patrol Vehicle is a replica of a vehicle used by the US Army. It comes complete with a posable figure so kids can enact missions and set up courses to take your patrol vehicle on. The wheels are free moving, so it does need to be pushed to get it going, but the kids will have a blast pretending to go on a mission to help those in need!

Trash Pack Wheels Junk Yard

Kids can use the two included Trash Wheels vehicles to zoom around the track. Don’t worry if you wreck the vehicle, you can repair it right there. This set connects to other Trash Wheels play sets.

Jada Fast & Furious RC 1995 Toyota Supra Vehicle

Drift around the corner. Maybe not quite, but this remote control car was designed based on the Fast & Furious movie. Kids and adults alike will enjoy racing a replica of Brian’s highly modded car.

Bburago 1:43 Scale Ferrari Race and Play Gift Set

This play set includes four die cast Ferrari cars to play with. Your child will enjoy navigating them through the racing-style garage. Each car is designed with a 1:43 scale so they resemble the real thing.

House of Marbles Fighter Planes Kit

Planes flying through the sky are always excited to watch. You never know where they will land or how far they will go. This Fighter Planes kit contains all the supplies to make six fighter planes. Simply snap them together and they will fly through the air.

KEVA Stunt Derby Car and Launcher Set

Put together your own wooden stunt car complete with paint and decals! Your kids can create race obstacles and shoot their cars to make them come crashing down. This kit is complete with a car, the launcher, 50 Keva planks, 4 jars of paint, 34 decals, a paintbrush and course mat.

Carrera Digital 132 Masters of Speed Play Set

This set includes a BMW Z4 GT3 and a Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 to race around the track. Use the two wireless speed controllers to race your car along the 10’x65’ track. Your kids will love to see the real working headlights and rear/brake lights.

Best Vehicle Play Set Accessories

Kids City Life Playmat Carpet

Cars are fun to play with but having a track to drive them across can add for hours of play. This 80”x40” rug will give your child ample room to crawl and drive their cars on the roads and through the towns. You don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding all over the floor because it is backed with non-slip latex.

14-Piece Wooden Street Signs Play SEt

Learning the rules of the road can be fun with toy cars. This 14-piece set contains everything from stop signs to people crossing to speed limit signs. Each piece is made of solid wood, ensuring they are durable and will last through all the traffic mishaps during playtime.

Fun Road Tape

Cars and trucks drive better on the road. This road tape will allow your child to turn their floor into a fully functional speedway! The two rolls contain a total of 66 feet of tape, giving more than enough for any child to stay busy for hours and hours.

Hot Wheels BLM20 Track Builder Essentials Curve Pack

It seems that every child ends up with a huge supply of Hot Wheels cars. They are fun to look at and play with on the floor, but having a track makes them even more exciting. The great thing about Hot Wheels is most of their kits will combine. You can even add pieces like this track builder to make it a completely different experience.

Mascar Ultima Die Cast Car Display Case

If your home is overflowing with small Hot Wheels, Matchbox or cars of that size, you need a way to organize them. This display case will allow your little one to properly display all their cars and keep them in order. It’s easy to forget what we have until it’s organized, so this will be a visual for your child to remember all the favorite cars he owns.

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