25 Best Christmas Books for Kids (Plus FREE Printable Bookmarks)

Do you have child who loves to read or be read to? Then having a plethora of books around is the way to go. Feed their love of reading this Christmas with our list of the 25 best Christmas books for kids.

It’s easy to get caught up in toys and games for the holidays, but one of the things that can make Christmas so magical is finding a way to spend quality time with your child.

With all of the hustle and bustle surrounding Christmas, taking the time to read books to your child is a great way to slow down and spend quality time with them.

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Today, we have a list of 25 Christmas books that kids love from classics to modern-day favorites.

These books work well as read-alouds each night in December or as Christmas gifts.

This list includes books for the age ranges of preschool through middle school levels so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Best Christmas Books for Kids (Preschool through Middle School)

  1. Llama Llama Jingle BellsKids will love following along with little llama and his friends giving gifts, singing silly songs, and decorating cookies! (Preschool and up)
  2. Merry Christmas, Stinky FaceStinky Face loves Christmas and has so many questions, luckily his Mama has a very good imagination and knows how to reassure him that Christmas will be magical. (Preschool and up)
  3. Little Blue Truck’s Christmas – Little Blue Truck is delivering Christmas trees to his animal friends and needs help counting the green trees. Children will love counting the trees and when they get to the end, flashing themed lights will be waiting to help celebrate! (Ages 1-3)
  4. Pete The Cat Saves Christmas – Follow Pete as he tries to save Christmas. With a positive attitude and lots of hurdles, Pete The Cat never gives up and learns what the spirit of giving is all about. (Preschool)
  5. You Are My Merry Little ChristmasA fun glittery Christmas themed board book that features cute and cheerful animals and objects like cookies and sugarplums as they find out just how much they are loved. (Preschool and up)
  6. How to Trick a Christmas ElfElves are tricky and the only way to see if you’re on the naughty list is to trick an elf. Can the kids find a way to trick the elf and see if they’ve made the nice list? (Ages 3-6)
  7. The Christmas WishFollow Anja, a brave little girl, on her adventure to be one of Santa’ elves as she makes her way to the North Pole and discovers different animals and experiences she’ll never forget. (Ages 3-7)
  8. Bear Stays Up for Christmas – Bear’s friends do everything they can help keep Bear awake for Christmas and throughout the night of their activities, realizes that the act of giving is the best Christmas present of all. (Ages 2-8)
  9. Fly Guy’s Ninja ChristmasA funny story about how Fly Guy meets Santa, knocks over a Christmas tree and meets a stranger in the house with whom he must use his ninja action against. (Ages 4-8)
  10. Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas – Nancy is very excited about decorating the Christmas tree, but she finds out things don’t turn out the way she planned, will Nancy’s Christmas still be Splendiferous? (Ages 4-8)
  11. A Bad Kitty ChristmasBad Kitty didn’t get all the presents she wanted for Christmas and decides to go on a mischievous adventure where she ends up learning the true meaning of Christmas. The journey is a mixture of funny experiences and some learning along the way. (Ages 4-8)
  12. Santa’s Little HelperDaniel is on a mission to find out who Santa really is. After his parents are fast asleep and he hears a rumble downstairs, he knows Santa has come. When Daniel finds Santa, Santa has a job for him to do. (Ages 5-7)
  13. Apple Tree Christmas – A beautiful family story about the holidays as two little girls gather around the apple tree sharing their memories. A great book about family values! (Ages 4-8)
  14. My Teacher is an ElfMs. Holly’s class thinks she might be an elf. Is it true? The signs are all there and the kids do everything they can to find out if she is an elf or just very happy around Christmas time. (Ages 4-10)
  15. The Truth PixieA funny and inspiring story about how one special pixie learned to love herself during the holiday season. (Ages 5-7)
  16. Dino-ChristmasA story of dinos, big and small, that enjoy the fun Christmas activities and eagerly await the arrival of Santa Claws. (Ages 5-9)
  17. Santa’s (Zanky, Wacky, Just Not Right) Night Before ChristmasA fun tale of Santa’s journey through a Christmas Eve that doesn’t go as he expects and leads to a series of strange surprises along the way. (Ages 6-8)
  18. A Christmas Cookie ExchangePhil, the cookie, starts to feel a little jealous of all the other fancy Christmas cookies at the holiday buffet but then realizes that what’s on the inside is what truly matters. (Ages 6-9)
  19. Stanley’s Christmas AdventureStanley needs to cheer Santa up because he’s in a terrible mood and believes that children don’t appreciate Christmas anymore, so he doesn’t want to deliver the gifts. Stanley’s mission to cheer Santa up and bring Christmas back. (Ages 6-10)
  20. The Magic of Friendship SnowJojo, a young shy girl, has difficulty making friends until she meets a snowman who shows her a valuable lesson. (Ages 6-10)
  21. My Weird School Special: Deck the Halls, We’re Off the Walls!A comical story about kid rapper Crazy-Z and his concert at the mall where Santa is. Crazy-Z and his gang have all kinds of problems and need a Christmas miracle. (Ages 8-10)
  22. A Shiloh ChristmasA story about a boy and his rescued beagle, Shiloh, on how the holidays are all about love, generosity, and hope. (Ages 8-12)
  23. The Girl Who Saved Christmas Christmas magic levels are not at what they need to be, and Santa knows that something is wrong. He sets out to find Amelia, the only one who might be able to save Christmas. (Ages 8-12)
  24. Goosebumps Most Wanted A spooky story about Kate and her friends that gives a new meaning to the term Christmas Spirit. Perfect for those who love the Goosebumps series! (Ages 8-12)
  25. The Naughty List Bobbie’s hilarious efforts to save her brother’s Christmas and lands them both on Santa’s Naughty List. Now she must travel to the North Pole to make things right again. (Ages 8-12)

Printable Christmas Bookmarks

I thought it would be neat to make some fun Christmas bookmarks to use in the new Christmas books.

There’s nothing like having a fun, colorful bookmark to hold your place in the crisp pages of a new book.

These printable bookmarks can be used as a separate gift like a stocking stuffer or be included in the books that are given as gifts.

There are three printable bookmarks included and one of them is interactive so kids will be able to list a few of their favorite things on it.

Make a cup of your favorite hot chocolate, grab one of the best Christmas books for kids and enjoy reading and spending time together.

And don’t forget your bookmarks!

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