The Best Bento Boxes for Kids (Plus Cool Bento Accessories!)

The best bento boxes for kids are easy to open, leak-proof and fun to use. Our top picks give just the right balance of all three plus the best bento lunch box supplies and accessories to make lunch time over-the-top fun!

When it’s time to head back to school, you want to get all the best supplies for your kids to go back well prepared. This includes a great lunch box and accessories that will last through the whole year.

Not only that, but you want to make sure the lunch box is fun and will meet the needs of your child like keeping food separated, keeping it hot or cold with insulation and is something they enjoy using everyday.

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Kids bento boxes check all those boxes and come in a variety of different styles, colors and sizes so you’re sure to find the right one for your child.

How to Pack a Bento Box

Need some ideas for packing your kid’s bento box? Here are a few awesome ways to make sure it’s packed full of nutritious goodness.

And finally, after going through and narrowing the list down to our top picks, here are the best bento boxes for kids (according to a mom with picky kids).

Best Bento Boxes for Kids

Omiebox Bento Lunch Box

Bento boxes are such a handy way to pack food, but finding one designed to keep food warm can be a challenge – until now! If you want to send soup or stew to school with your student, you have to check this Bento Box out. It has a built-in thermos! This thing not only keeps the food inside it warm – it also keeps the heat from affecting the other foods in the box. Yes, you CAN pack soup and salad in the same lunch box!

Fun Life Bento Box

I love the flexibility of this Bento Box. It has five lidded containers inside the main lunchbox. This makes it so much easier when packing food that might leak into other compartments. If you want to use the lunchbox without the inner containers, there are still five handy compartments where you can store pre-packaged food, fruit, or anything else you can think of. Even better, it’s freezer and microwave safe!

Bentogo Kids Childrens Lunch Box

This Bento-styled box is perfect for children. There are five compartments built with a child’s portion size in mind. The lid is designed with ridges which help keep each compartment leak-proof. I’m not sure how well soup would do in this, but for salads and other soft foods, this lunchbox is a great option.

PlanetBox Rover Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Bento Box

Love Bento-style boxes but not a fan of plastic? This Eco-Friendly Stainless-Steel box might be right for you. Made with both adults and children in mind, this lunchbox has five leak-resistant compartments of varying sizes and shapes for all your favorite foods. Best of all, it is made from recycled materials.

Thousanday 3-Tier Bento Lunch Box

If your child is a fan of pink, they’ll love this pale-pink Bento Box! There are three compartments, deep enough to hold most of your favorite foods. If you need something larger, you can remove the inner area so you have one large lunchbox. And my favorite thing about this Bento-box is that it comes with matching utensils – spoon and fork – resting right inside the lid. Suddenly, you have one less thing to worry about!

BentoRyte Kids Bento Lunch Box Set

My favorite thing about this Bento box is that it is actually a stackable set of boxes. If you are simply packing a sandwich or another one-dish meal, you can use the bottom box and leave the rest home. But there are also two additional boxes for side dishes or snacks that sit cozily on top of the main box. The adorable animal-shaped lid holds the built-in utensils and locks all the other boxes together in a nice stacked square. Great fun and organization!

CoolBites Premium Bento Lunch Box

This Bento-style box is awesome for active children who are on the go – especially if they enjoy eating a lot of fresh, cold foods. It comes with a freezer gel pack that fits perfectly between the four compartments, ensuring that your fresh fruits and vegetables stay nice and chilled. But don’t rule this box out if you prefer warm foods – you can leave the gel pack out, and the compartments are microwave safe!

Sistema Bento Cube

This lunch box box is built for pure flexibility. Leave the inserts out for three deep compartments where you can store larger food items? Have more variety to pack? This box comes with two flat, stackable inserts that increase your storage areas to five. And if you like including pudding, yogurt, or Jello with your lunch, you’ll love the small round container with the screw-on lid. Available in several colors so you can pick your favorite!

Best Bento Accessories (Containers, Sandwich Cutters, Picks and More!)

Kazoo Kids Cookie & Fruit Cutters

Yes, Bento boxes are a practical and handy way to carry food on-the-go. But let’s face it – they are fun, too – especially when we are packing them for our kids. And these adorable little cutters really amp up the “fun factor”! There are thirteen cutters in all, in a variety of great shapes. Use them to cut up sliced fruit, vegetables, or sandwiches to combine into decorative and fun “themed” meals. Your kids will sing your praises!

Cutequeen 24-Piece Silicone Baking Cups

One of the great things about packing lunches for our children is that we can include homemade goodies. This way, we know exactly what ingredients are in the foods we are feeding our children. If you love to bake cupcakes, muffins, and tiny loaves for your children, these silicone cups will come in handy. They can also be used to separate food inside the bento box and give it an extra fun look. They do the job of those little paper cups, but you can use them over and over again. Homemade goodness and less pollution – that’s a win-win!

Fun Food Fruit Picks

Packing fruits and vegetables for our kids is fun – especially when we’re packing them into Bento boxes. But some fruits can be a bit messy or slippery to eat, which makes these adorable fruit picks so handy. There are twenty different fruit picks in a variety of shapes and colors. Choose from simple designs like stars or hearts to a variety of super-cute animal designs. Your kids will love their new lunchbox friends!

CuteZCute Animal Friends Food Deco Cutter & Stamp Kit

Whether you are looking to make some cute animal-faced cookies for your kids’ Bento lunch box, or wanting to bake up several dozen cute cookies for an event, you’ll love this set of cookie cutters. You get the main cutter that makes the basic outline. Then there are four other cutters which allow you to create your animals’ facial-features in a wide assortment of ways. There are all kinds of ways to be creative with this wonderful set of cookie cutters!

CuteZCute Robo Bread Bento Sandwich Stamping Cutter

Do your kids love robots? You’ll be able to create special lunch box robots just for them with this awesome robot stamping and cutting set. Especially effective on sandwiches, this wonderful cookie cutter set helps you make charming little robots that are sure to please any young fan of robots and/or science fiction. Unfortunately, no matter how realistic these robots look, they can’t help with math homework!

Kotobuki Condiment Containers

Pack up their bento boxes with tiny shaped sandwiches, fruit slices, veggies, and more and kids will definitely get all excited. But half the fun of finger foods is to dip them into things. And these adorable little animal friends condiment containers make it easy to pack all their favorite condiments and dips while keeping everything nice and neat. These round containers close tightly to keep condiments from leaking, and they clean up easily at the end of the day, too. These sweet animal friends help make lunch happy!

CuteZCute Letter Cutters

Kids love to see their names spelled out in creative ways. With this 28 piece cutter set, you can spell your kids’ names out in sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and sweet treats. Imagine their surprise when they open their lunch and find their name or other words in their bento box. It’s a great way to send your kids a happy message to really make their day special!

Complete Bento Lunch Box Kits

Savoychef Sandwich Cutter Set

For the ultimate sandwich and treat cutting set, you have to check out this 29-piece set! These cutters are completely creative. Cut up a sandwich like a little jigsaw puzzle or two happy dolphins with a heart – or one of the other shapes specially made for sandwiches. There are smaller cutters for fruits and vegetables, and even 10 adorable food picks so kids don’t have to get their hands messy when eating. This sandwich cutting set could easily end up one of your favorite lunchtime tools!

Kidz Treasurez Sandwich Cutter Set

If you’re looking for the ultimate set of bento Box cutters, fruit picks and more, here it is! From sandwich cutters to vegetable, fruit and cookie cutters in all shapes and designs, let your creativity soar as you make art for your kid’s bento boxes. You’ll also receive food picks with animal and eyes shapes. A great kit for the family that loves to create.

Vanli’s Sandwich Cutter Set

Create imaginative meals that your kids will want to eat with this 45-piece set of sandwich cutters and molds. This set is child-safe and made from food-grade and non-toxic material for a worry-free meal time! Let the kids help create their meal designs with this fun and adorable set!

Fun Water Bottles and Drink Containers

WaterWeek Kids Reusable Water Bottle Set

Sports fans have to check out this set of five sports related water bottles. Each one holds 10 ounces of your kids’ favorite beverages, and the cool designs let the world know that they love a good game. Designs include football, soccer, basketball and more. These water bottles are not only handy and leak-proof, they are completely cool!

Juicy Drink Box

Do your kids love juice boxes? This juice-box shaped reusable bottle is a handy way of sending fruit juice, water, or any other favorite beverage to school with your kids. When opened, the built-in straw makes it easy to enjoy any drink inside. When closed, this reusable juice box seals shut to prevent leaks. When you go reusable, it is both better for the planet and your wallet!

Drink in the Box Eco-Friendly Reusable Juice Box

This “Drink in the Box” reusable beverage container is another great way to pack a drink with your kids for lunch. The pretty blue plastic is see-thru, so kids can see what kind of beverage you’ve packed. The built-in straw is easy to drink from but also stores away when the lid is closed so there are no leaks. Best of all, the small design makes it pretty easy to tuck this beverage container into most lunch boxes or your purse. (After all, why should the kids have all the fun?)

Kids Stainless Steel Unicorn Water Bottle Thermos

Kids who love unicorns, will appreciate this magical unicorn thermos in pastel shades of pink, lavender or white. It’s the perfect thermos for hot or cold drinks. This handy 10.6 ounce thermos  is a great size for kids: not too big, not too small, but just right. Made from stainless steel so it’s rust-proof.

Vanli’s Insulated Kids Thermos Water Bottle

This beverage bottle is made especially for little kids to easily fit in their small hands. It has an easy flip lid and the screw-on cap makes it spill-proof so it won’t pop off! Adorable designs of dinosaurs or unicorns make it the perfect accessory for lunch or bento boxes.

FACE Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Thermos Water Bottle

This is the perfect cup for kids who love animals! Choose from a bear, cat, dog or rabbit in various colors. The adorable cap is designed to replicate the animal of choice. Ten ounce capacity is perfect for lunch boxes or to throw in a tote or bag. It’s leak-proof, vacuum-insulated and BPA-free.

Bunny Stainless Steel Thermos Water Bottle

Here’s an awesome bunny thermos that kids will love and enjoy using! Available in pink or pastel green, the cap on this adorable thermos has two cute bunny ears to add to its charm. At 10-ounces, this thermos is perfect for tucking in a purse, backpack, and of course, a lunch box. Hint: this thermos makes a great gift for adults, too!

We hope this guide will help you sort through the best bento boxes for kids and find the perfect one for your child!

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