10 Fun Back-To-School Traditions Kids Will Be Excited About!

Heading back to school is such an exciting time for kids.

But after all the school supplies have been purchased and the backpacks are loaded, excitement can sometimes turn into anxiety.

Making back-to-school time a special event for your kids each year is a simple way to ease that anxiety.

In addition to making going back to school more fun, these 10 back-to-school traditions are a great way to create some fun new memories with your kids year after year.

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Have a Party

There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with a party!

The day before the first day of school, set up a fun back-to-school themed party for your kids.

Get some noisemakers and confetti to mark the occasion. Then, set out some fun school-themed snacks and whip up yummy cupcakes to celebrate the first day of school.

Back-to-school Books

Books are a great way to celebrate any occasion, so giving a book to your kids to mark their first day of school is a simple tradition to start this year.

Gift your child books about the grade they’re entering to mark the occasion so they’ll have a fun keepsake they can treasure as they grow older.

Annual Interviews

Take the time to sit down with each child and interview them about their upcoming school year.

Use a questionnaire about your kids’ goals and fears for the year, along with some fun get-to-know-you questions. Write down their answers to create a cute keepsake or record their responses on video.

To keep this back to school tradition interesting, consider reading or watching old interviews after you’re finished asking this year’s questions!

Class Shirt

This cute picture idea is a great way to see how much your kids have grown over the years!

Purchase a large adult-sized shirt and put the words “Class of” with the year your child will graduate high school.

Each year, take a picture of your kid in their shirt to mark the start of a new school year.

Back-to-school Countdown

Build some anticipation for the first day of school with an annual back to school countdown.

Create a countdown chain with pieces of construction paper.

For a 10-day countdown, make 10 chain links. Then, each day, let your kids tear off one link of the chain.

To make this back to school tradition even more fun, give your kids a chance to tell everyone something they’re looking forward to about the new school year each time they remove a link.

First Day of School Breakfast

Starting the day off with a delicious breakfast is the perfect way to make your kid’s first day at school special.

Before your kids go to bed the night before, ask them what their favorite breakfast is – then prepare it for them the next morning. Or get up early and surprise your kids with a breakfast buffet filled with their favorite treats.

Whether you whip up some pancakes or waffles or set out some sweet donuts, your kids will definitely look forward to first day of school breakfast each year.

School Year Bucket List

Creating a bucket list is a fun way for your kids to envision the upcoming school year and to set goals for themselves for the school season.

And while it’s a good idea to include some school-related goals on their bucket list, like getting all their spelling words right or getting an A in math, encourage your kids to add some fun goals, too.

Whether they want to make a new friend this year or finally get the courage to go down the big slide, they’ll love having the extra incentive to cross these fun goals off their back to school bucket list this year.

First Day of School Lunch

While making a cute lunch each day of the school year probably isn’t going to happen, making the first day of school lunch a little special can be a fun tradition.

Creating a cute back-to-school inspired lunch in a bento box or simply making your kid’s favorite meal for their first day can make their mid-day break special.

Or add a sweet note to your child’s lunchbox to offer encouragement during their first day back at school.

First Day of School Picture

Most of the back-to-school traditions are pretty elaborate, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all out to make your kid’s first day back to school a special one.

Simply taking a cute picture of your kids before they head off to school is a great way to commemorate the occasion. Print out a cute sign that lists their grade, then have them pose with their best smile before heading off to the school for the day.

In addition to creating a simple tradition your kids can enjoy year after year, you’ll also have a record of their first day you can keep forever.

Think about how fun it will be to look at all those photos side by side when your kids are older!

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