Best Arts and Crafts for Kids: Ideas for Kids Who Love to Get Creative

Creating, crafting and designing are large parts of growing up. Kids learn so much through arts and crafts, which is why it is often used in schools as a medium to help teach a variety of topics.

Keeping arts and crafts for kids at home will give your child ideas and the ability to use their imagination and work on their fine motor skills.

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Crafts are a necessity for all ages. From drawing to painting and everything in between.

This guide showcases some of the top rated arts and crafts supplies and kits for children from babies through teenagers.

Arts & Crafts Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Aqua Magic Doodle Water Drawing Mat

Giving crayons or markers to your toddler can cause a mess. This drawing mat is the answer!  It is water activated, allowing your 2-6 year old to draw without any messy cleanup. The “markers” fill with water and allow your child to draw and then 3-10 minutes later start all over again.

NextX Kids Easel for Two

Having one place for your kids to paint can cut down on messes and help you contain the chaos. This easel is double-sided, allowing for more than just paint. One side is a chalkboard and the other is dry erase. This easel has adjustable legs so it can be lowered for younger kids and grow with your child as they get older. With spaces to keep all of your little Picasso’s art supplies within reach, this is the perfect all-in-one easel for your little artist.

Discover Button Art Activity Set

Develop your child’s hand-eye coordination while allowing them to create a beautiful picture. This concept allows your child to match the color on the board with the button of the same color. They pop the button in place and the picture is complete! Your child will be proud of themselves for not only creating the picture but for being able to match the colors.

Crayola Washable Finger Paint Kit

Creating with your fingers is a completely different experience from painting with a brush, sponge or any other object. Babies and toddlers will enjoy the feeling of the paint squishing between their fingers then watching it transfer to the paper as they create their colorful masterpieces. Parents on the other hand will enjoy knowing these paints are washable and easy to clean up.

Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons

Toddlers put things in their mouths. There isn’t a lot you can do about it. Luckily these crayons are 100% natural and completely safe for you child. It may not taste great, but at least it won’t make them sick if they do take a little nibble.  What’s even better is that these crayons are chunky for their hands.

Paper Plate Craft Art Kit

Kids love animals and creating projects of them is always a hit. This kit includes all the items to create fun animal paper plate figures. You receive enough supplies to create lots of different colorful animals including frogs, chickens, pigs and owls. Each piece is already perforated so there’s no need for scissors. Just punch them out and let your toddler have fun crafting and learning their animal names and colors.

Arts & Crafts Ideas for 4-7 Year Old Kids

Washable Dab and Dot Markers

These “easy grip” markers allow your child to daub a variety of colors onto their paper. They create a fun and possibly abstract piece of art that they will have a blast creating. They simply daub the marker onto their paper and it leaves a perfect little circle.

Creative Kids Air Dry Clay Modeling Crafts Kit

Kids love creating art with clay. They can use their fingers to shape and mold it into whatever their little creative minds can come up with. This non-toxic clay is available in 30 colors and comes with accessories like googly eyes and key chains.

Fuzzy Velvet Coloring Posters

If your child is having a hard time learning to color in the lines, these velvet coloring posters can be the answer. The areas that need to be colored are surrounded by velvet, which makes it easy to stay within the lines. If your child is more advanced, they will still enjoy coloring these posters because of the soft velvet throughout.

Drawing Stencils Set

This all-in-one art set contains paper, colored pencils, pen and STENCILS! Your child will enjoy creating pictures by tracing the stencils. It all comes in a handy carrying care, so you can take it with you on the go (or just keep the pieces together when not in use).

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Deluxe Combo Set

When you hand your child this kit they may seem confused because it looks like black paper. When they begin to scratch away they will the various colors hidden beneath. This will unlock their creativity as they are excited to see how their artwork reveals the rainbow of colors.

Arts & Crafts Ideas for 8-12 Year Old Kids

CraftLab Little Monsters Sewing Craft Kit

What kid won’t enjoy sewing their own little monsters?! With this fun kit they’ll have everything they need to sew craft projects like a phone case monster and more. Each kit comes with 5 monster projects with pre-cut felt pieces and instructions to get started crafting right away.

IQ Builder 3D Puzzle Project Set

IQ Builder has designed a project that is perfect for your 8 year old through adults! Finally a project you can work on together! The kit contains 9 designs and markers to color it! You can completely personalize this based on the color scheme that you color your design. It’s double the fun with a puzzle and coloring in one!

DIY Crystal Slime Kit

Kids love slime. This takes slime to an entirely different level. It comes with all the supplies needed to create a plethora of items. The kit includes 24 colors of crystal slime,48 bottles of glitter,6 colors of air dry clay,10 candy toy cups,10 small animal toys, 4 packs of fruit slices,3 pieces of slime tools,2 packs of colorful foam balls and a drifting bottle. You can create a wide variety of items using the slime or just enhancing the slime itself.

Crayola All That Glitters Art Set

Kids. Love. Glitter. That’s all there is to it. It’s fun and it sparkles. This kit contains glitter crayons, tubes, chalk, markers, a sticker sheet and construction paper! That’s enough supplies to create projects for quite some time.

US Art Supply 163-Piece Premium Mega Wood Box Art

If your child enjoys art and wants to take their skill level to the next level, this is the kit to buy. This is a large wooden box set that includes 24 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 watercolors, 60 crayons, 3 mixing trays, 2 pencils, 2 paint brushes, a sharpener, sanding block and eraser. This gives your child a wide variety of mediums to practice their art work.

Lettering and Modern Calligraphy

This beginners book will teach your child all of the techniques to create beautiful lettering. There are 5 different alphabet styles showcased and 15 lettering projects for your child to practice. They say that cursive writing is becoming a lost art. Teaching your children the beauty of lettering can help to keep the art alive for years to come.

My Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit

Back in the day we made friendship bracelets with a safety pin on our pants. Kids these days took it to a whole new level with a friendship bracelet maker. This kit includes 20 pre cut threads in 10 different colors to make a large variety of bracelet designs. The maker will hold the strings and when separating them out, it numbers the slots to they can easily follow their pattern.

Watercolor Rainbow Magic Art Set

Paint doesn’t have to always be just a traditional paint brush and paints. This unique method uses a sponge that you wet and add watercolors to create an incredibly unique design. Your imagination can run wild while you create your artwork.

Best for Kids Who Like to Paint

Some kids naturally love to paint and get creative with colors. Whether they enjoy practicing replicating a famous work of art or creating their own masterpiece, here are some of the best painting supplies and kits for them.

Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit

This kit takes a pet rock to a new level. The kit has water proof paint which will allow your rocks to be moved back into their normal habitat outside. If you don’t want your home to be taken over by these fun little pieces of art, you can show your child how fun it is to create nice rocks and leave them in the community for others to find.

13 Piece Acrylic Artist Painting Set

This tabletop easel set includes everything kids will need to create the next work of art. With canvas, acrylic paints and brushes, they’ll be ready to get painting. Your child will love that the easel stands upright, making it much easier to paint a masterpiece.

Arteza Kids Tempera Paint

For kids who enjoy painting, this set will take care of all their paint needs for a long time. It comes complete with matte, metallic, neon, glitter, fluorescent and glow in the dark colors.  The added bonus is that they are machine washable, so no worries if they get spilled or it gets onto your child’s clothing. Just throw them in the wash and you’re set!

10-Piece No Spill Paint Cups

Although your child will use these, they really are more for the parents. These no spill paint cups will allow your child to paint away and you don’t have to worry about spills on the carpet. They have an additional lid that makes it air tight, keeping the paints fresh.

Paint Plaster Figurines

Children that enjoy painting may want to take their talent to a new level and paint more than pictures on paper. This kit allows them to paint their own figurines (6 in total) to make them unique. There are 6 paints included with the kit.

Best for Kids Who Like to Draw

Some kids take their drawing skill seriously-and rightfully so! It’s definitely something to be proud of. With the drawing tools in this section they will be able to fine-tune their craft all while having fun.

Blank Comic Book Notebook

For comic book lovers, this notebook will let them create their very own! This book has blank spaces throughout so your child can get creative and create their own characters and story line.  You may need to get a few because your child will want to create multiple comic books.

Delta Children Activity Center with Easel Desk

This activity center is perfect for your little artist. The back holds books and there are bins for toys on the bottom. When sitting in front there is a magnetic, dry erase easel for them to draw. They can create drawings all day long without the need for paper. This saves a lot of waste and clutter.

How to Draw Animals for Kids

Maybe your child wants to draw but doesn’t know how to get started. Maybe it’s overwhelming to know how to draw certain animals. This book will break it down for them, step-by-step to build their confidence. Following the steps in this book will teach them basics they can use to draw more than just animals.

Portable A4 LED Tracing Light Box

This lightbox features a 12.2”x9.25” drawing area. It allows your child to trace drawings with the light it projects through. It connects via USB or has a power bank of tracing on the go.

Big Dreams Art Supplies Sketchbook

If your child likes to draw and doodle, grab them their own sketchbook.  They’ll have 119 pages to fill with all of their doodles and sketches. You will save yourself random papers all over your house, their backpack or doodles on their school work. Consolidate all of the artwork to this one book.

SmART Sketcher Projector

Sometimes our kids get discouraged because they don’t know how to draw something exactly as they’d like. This projector can help to teach them proportion by allowing them to project an image onto their paper then trace over it. Your child will be able to take a picture with a smartphone then convert it into a learn to draw their favorite images.

Best for Kids Who Like to Craft

If crafting is more your child’s jam, then look no further than this curated list of some of the hottest crafting supplies you can find. From jewelry making to window art, your little crafter is sure to find something they like.

Juicy Couture Chains and Charms

Girls can unleash their creativity by creating their very own jewelry. The kit will guide your daughter through creating up to 5 bracelets. The kit includes charms, beads, metallic pieces, ribbon and chains.

My Giant Busy Box Craft Kit

If your child enjoys crafting of all types, this Busy Box is a dream come true. It includes buttons, dough, crayons, doilies, flowers, feathers, eyes, bags, pipe cleaners, frames, boards, stickers, paper, tissue and glue stick! That’s a lot to give their imagination to play with. You never know what they will come up with when they have all these items in front of them.

Caydo 600-Piece Craft DIY Art Supplies Kit

When your child loves to get creative and can make something exciting out of everyday objects, this kit will take their creations to the next level. Complete with pipe cleaners, pom poms, and wiggly eyes, this kit has so much potential for your little budding artist. They can create using just these supplies or add them to everyday items to turn them into a work of art.

Kacaga Water Fuse Beads Kit

3600 beads-that’s a LOT of beads to work with! Your child can take the beads and carefully place them on the tray to create the desired design. Simply spray with water and like magic they fuse together! Kids can create anything their minds can come up with.

Klutz Yarn Art Craft Kit

This kit gives you enough supplies to create three different woven designs. It comes with yarn, sequins, felt pieces, pom poms and three frames. Your child can use the frames included to showcase their beautiful piece of art. 

Kid Made Modern Studio In A Box Set

Introducing your kids to a variety of art methods is easy when it comes to a kit like this. The kit introduces painting with both acrylic and watercolor. You also get all other supplies needed to complete the project including paper, canvas, paint brushes, pencil sharpeners and more.

Create Your Own Window Art

Kids love creating art that can be displayed. This kit will allow your child to create beautiful art for the windows in your home. They can create up to 20 sun catchers to hang. There are a total of 7 different paints included, allowing your child to create a unique design on the blank sun catchers.

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