Age Appropriate Jobs for Kids & Teens

Once kids reach a certain age, they like to find ways to make money.

They often have purchases they want to make and they are looking for age-appropriate jobs for kids to do to earn enough money for their wants.

If your child is looking for ways to earn some pocket money, encourage them. This is a great way for them to learn lessons in personal finance while still under your care.

Here are some age-appropriate jobs for kids to start earning money for young kids through teenagers.

These jobs are easy enough to get started with basic skills.

A child doing garden work as a job

Age appropriate jobs for kids

What are age-appropriate jobs for kids?

They include jobs that kids up through age 12 can do.

These jobs are easy enough for young children but also have the ability to be lucrative.

Lemonade stand

Having a lemonade stand is great way for kids to learn about making money and how to manage what they make.

Between making the lemonade, pricing it, advertising and selling, there’s plenty for young kids to learn.

Having a lemonade stand, or any type of “stand” (think cookies, candy, etc.) is a good job for kids who want to make money.



Even before they reach the teen years, kids are able to coordinate and organize effectively.

They can put those skills to use and help out a parent or family friend in need of help around their home or office.

Stacking paper, color coordinating, and sorting things is the perfect job for a young office assistant looking to put a few extra bucks in their pocket.

Age Appropriate Jobs for Tweens

These job ideas are better suited for tweens.

They may require a bit more time or skill than a younger kid can do so kids in the in-between ages would do well working at these jobs.

Lawn Mowing

Mowing lawns is a classic way for older kids to make money, especially during the warmer months.

Lawn mowing can help teach responsibility and time management, and learning how to maintain the outside of a home is a valuable skill to have.

If your child has access to a lawnmower that they can borrow, this will make their job much easier.

Just remember that they should fill it up with a new tank of gas before they return it. Depending on the size of lawns in your neighborhood, a manual lawn mower would work as well.


Yard work

Beyond mowing lawns your child can expand and do other types of lawn care.

There are plenty of tasks that need to be done around one’s property, and many will pay for someone else to do them.

Your child could advertise for weeding, trimming, or even planting.

However, lawn work does not have to end with the changing of the weather, as your child can also work in the fall.

Raking and bagging leaves is a great job to do in the fall time.

In the winter time, people will inevitably need snow shoveled, which is a great job for an older kid.

The nice thing about lawn care is that it is a job many people do not want to do or just don’t have time to do.

This means that there is a wide market for your child to enter, as many people would love to spend a few bucks if it meant that they did not have to do that one task that’s been on their list for a while.

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Some kids are naturally gifted at certain subjects or dedicate lots of time into expanding their knowledge on a subject.

If that is the case, why not get a job tutoring others who might be struggling or just want to know more?

Tutoring is an excellent age-appropriate job if your tween or young teen is really good at a certain subject and if they are a good teacher overall.

What is nice about tutoring is that it can be done all year round, as many struggling students will be prone to taking winter break or summer lessons as well.

Many schools offer tutoring programs, which can be a great way to get started and practice tutoring others.

Plus, there are many businesses dedicated to providing tutoring lessons if your child really excels at the job.

Once your child is ready to start tutoring for money, they could start by posting ads at their school.

They could also contact lower grade level schools and advertise there.

Posting online is also an option that allows them to specify how much they charge and what they teach.

Age Appropriate Jobs for Teens

Once kids hit their teen years, even more job opportunities open up for them.

In addition to being able to do those age-appropriate jobs for kids listed above, teens can also work in any of the following ways.


Being a lifeguard means helping to supervise and ensure the safety of guests at pools, beaches, or other swimming locations and events.

This entails keeping vigilance to ensure everyone is following the rules of the venue, and making sure nobody is in need of help or medical assistance.

Lifeguards have to be trained before they can start working, which includes receiving CPR and basic first aid training.

Before a teen can become a lifeguard they have to pass a few swimming exams to ensure that they are capable of acting fast in an emergency situation.

Lifeguarding can be a great job, and it is typically pretty flexible, which means it’s great for teens who love and are good at swimming.

Plus, the experience they will gain from the mandated training will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and could prove to be useful in an emergency.


If your child is a competent photographer, there are plenty of opportunities to make some extra money.

Photography is a great skill to have, as people want to have pictures of all sorts of events.

To start, your child could put together a portfolio of some of their best pictures to show potential clients.

Further, many photography businesses and recreational centers offer photography classes, where your teen could learn new techniques and polish their skill.

Photography also pairs well with learning how to digitally enhance pictures through programs such as Photoshop.

This will let your teen create stunning pictures and can help save pictures that might have been ruined due to bad weather or conditions.


Once your child is ready, they can start advertising for photography gigs and expand their portfolio.

First, they’ll want to do basic photo shoots with minimal editing.

If this is something that really interests them, it has the potential to grow to be its own business, and your teen could end up doing large photo shoots such as weddings and graduations.

 More Jobs for Kids

Working as a kid should be age-appropriate. It should also serve as a way to help kids learn important lessons about personal responsibility and money management.

Here are more jobs kids can do:

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