The Best After School Chores Checklist for Fostering Responsibility in Kids

With so many demands on your kid’s time, it can be difficult for them to juggle all their expectations.

An after school chores checklist may be just the thing to help them.

In addition to school work and extra-curricular activities, chores for kids are another responsibility expected of them.

With so much on their plate, it’s important to help your kids stay organized so they’re sure to get everything accomplished.

An after school chores checklist is a great way to keep your kids on track when they get home from school.

kids chores chart and pet chore chart

How to Set an After School Schedule

In addition to creating an after school chores checklist for your kids, it’s also a good idea to create an afterschool schedule to help them stay on track when they get home.

An afterschool routine can help them be more productive and more organized, which means they’re more likely to complete their chores on time and finish their homework without the need for nagging.

While every household will probably have a different afterschool routine, most after school schedules will probably consist of similar elements.

These basic elements are a great starting point when creating your own family’s afterschool routine:

  • Put backpacks, jackets, shoes, and lunch boxes where they belong right when you enter the door. This will help your kids keep their personal items organized, which will make getting ready in the morning so much easier! Create a designated drop zone for all your kid’s items so they know exactly where to put them when they get home from school. Then, make sure your kids put their stuff in that spot each day right when they get home from school.
  • Eat an after-school snack. Most kids are hungry when they get home from a long day at school. Before you ask them to do their chores and finish their homework, it’s a good idea to let them refuel with a snack.
  • Do your homework. Whether you ask your kids to finish their homework right when they get home from school or let them decompress a little before they have to do school work, this is another essential item to add to your kids’ after school checklist.
  • Finish your chores. To ensure all your kid’s chores get finished each week, its important that they have certain chores they do each day. When creating your kid’s after school chores checklist, be sure to include the chores they are expected to finish every day, as well as weekly chores that need to be done on certain days of the week.
  • Scheduled quiet time. It’s likely that your kids’ school days are packed with work and stress. To help them decompress from the day, it’s a good idea to schedule some quiet time for your kids when they get home from school. During this time, they can read, listen to music, or go for a walk outside – anything that may help them relax and destress when they get home from school.
  • Prepare for the morning. To make your mornings go smoother, it may also be a good idea to include some morning prep into your kids’ after school routine. They can pick out their clothes for the next day, pack their lunches and put them in the fridge, or organize their backpacks so they’re ready to as you head out the door.

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Creating an After School Chore Checklist

Much like a chore chart, an after school chore checklist is a great way for your kids to keep track of the things they need to do when they get home.

To create an effective checklist, it’s a good idea to tailor your list to each of your children.

One simple way to create a checklist is to type the list of after school chores each of your kids needs to do when they get home. Print out the list and place it in a plastic page protector. Give each of your children a dry erase marker and let them check off their tasks as they complete them.

Use these tips when creating an after school chore checklist for each of your kids:

  • Put the name of each child at the top of the list so everyone in your family knows exactly which checklist belongs to them
  • Color code the checklists for each child to make it simple for your kids to distinguish between checklists
  • Use bold text to highlight important parts of each chore on the checklist
  • Leave space at the bottom of the list to include additional chores or notes to the list
  • Hang the checklists in a prominent place so your kids can easily see and reach them when they get home from school
  • Enforce rewards and consequences for completing or not completing the checklist each afternoon

Chore Ideas for Your Checklist

Now that you know how to create an after school routine and make checklists for each of your kids, you’re probably wondering what chores to add. These basic chores make great after-school tasks for most school-age kids:

  • Feed the pets
  • Clean up clutter in the living areas
  • Clean up clutter in their bedroom
  • Sweep the floors
  • Vacuum the carpets
  • Do laundry, fold clothes, and/or put clean clothes away
  • Wash dishes or unload and load the dishwasher
  • Take out the trash
  • Bring in the mail
  • Help prepare dinner
  • Set the table for dinner
  • Clear the table after dinner
  • Dust
  • Clean their bathroom
  • Water plants and flowers
  • Complete yard work, like mowing grass or raking leaves
  • Wipe the kitchen counters
  • Put away groceries

Creating an after school routine probably means your kids will have other expectations in addition to their chores.

If you expect your kids to do other tasks along with their chores when they get home from school, you should include those items on your afterschool checklist.

You could also add these tasks to your list in addition to chores:

  • Unpack backpack and lunch box and put them away
  • Finish homework
  • Read for X number of minutes
  • Set out clothes and shoes for the next morning
  • Pack lunch for the next day
  • Put finished homework in your backpack
  • Give parents important papers and let them know about upcoming events and/or activities

When Should Kids Do Chores?

With so many things for your kids to do when they get home, it can be hard to determine the best afterschool schedule for them.

There is no perfect time for your kids to do chores after school. The best time for your kids to do their chores will depend on the other things your kids need to do and when you expect them to have their chores completed.

When picking a time for your kids to do their afterschool chores, think about these factors:

  • Should they have their homework finished before they do chores?
  • How long does it take your kids to complete their homework?
  • Will they be allowed to do other things, like read or play outside, before they finish their chores?
  • How long does it take your kids to finish their chores?
  • Do any of their chores need to be finished by a certain time (prepping for dinner, for example)?

After thinking about these questions, create a schedule you think will work best for your family.

If something seems off or your kids need a change, simply rearrange the order of your schedule until you find something that works for everyone.

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