8 Super Adorable Easter Shirts for Toddlers


Fun Easter shirts for toddlers. Adorable tshirts for Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets for toddlers.

As a kid, Easter was a fun time in our house. Between getting new fancy Easter clothes, and dyeing Easter eggs, we had a fun-filled Easter weekend celebration. Now that I have children of my own, I want to create fun memories with them.

Each year, I take my kiddos to our local Easter egg hunt and they love it! What’s more fun than bouncy houses, pictures with the Easter Bunny, Easter baskets, and the all-important Easter egg hunt. (In fact, one year, one of my kiddos won a flat screen TV by finding the egg with the golden ticket inside!)

I love to see them have fun, and I secretly love dressing them up just as much. At least the toddler doesn’t mind so much. So, to take advantage of these few years where I can dress them the way I want for their cute Easter pictures, I’ve found these super fun Easter shirts for toddlers. Who says dressing for Easter can only be done on a Sunday? If you want to celebrate the whole weekend in Fashionable Easter style, then you’ll love these fun shirts, as well!

Fun Easter shirts for toddlers. Adorable tshirts for Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets for toddlers.

3 Hip Bunnies t-shirt: They’ll be the coolest kid at the Easter egg hunt for sure!

Love Bunny t-shirt: Because bunnies and love just got together.

“I’m Digging Easter” t-shirt: It doesn’t matter if they are digging for eggs or digging for dirt, as long as it’s done in style.

Easter Egg Tie t-shirt: When kids wear an Easter egg tie shirt, we call it adorable.

“My Lucky Hunting Shirt”: They will appreciate all the luck they can get to find as many eggs as possible during the great egg hunt.

“Egg Hunt Is On” t-shirt: Let the world know they mean business!

Bunny Face t-shirt: There will be cuteness overload with this adorable bunny face shirt.

“Mommy’s Hunny Bunny” t-shirt: Because they are our little hunny bunnies.

These cute Easter shirts for toddlers could also make great Easter basket fillers!



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