100 Chores To Do Around The House For Money (By Age)

Ever woken up and realized your to-do list is a mile long, and you have no idea how you will clean the floors, do the laundry, make the beds, and have dinner on the table?

As moms, we often feel like we have to do it all.

We may also feel like doing it all may seem like the best solution because it will get done not only the right way but also faster than delegating it.

But I’m here to tell you, you’re gonna be putting a lot more work and stress on yourself doing all the chores yourself.

So how do you become a little more stress-free?

By delegating chores to your kids and family.

No matter your children’s ages, if they can walk and talk, there is a chore they can do!

Chores are not only helpful to parents but also kids, and they help teach responsibility, hard work, and time management. 

Now, I totally believe parents should reward children for helping around the house.

Many people think a child should do chores because “you put a roof over their head.”

If that’s your philosophy, that’s fine.

But there are even more benefits to having kids do chores that I don’t want you to overlook.

Chores are not only helpful to you, but they can teach kids about financial responsibility and benefit them well into adulthood.

By rewarding kids with money for chores whether through a regular allowance or sporadic payments, you’re teaching your child that working hard comes with benefits.

They’ll learn that having a good work ethic and completing tasks gives them a sense of accomplishment.

So what are some chores your kids can do?

Keep reading below for ideas of over 100 chores to do around the house for money.

Chores To Do Around The House For Money

This list is going to include a lot of chores, so get ready!

We’re going break this list of 100 chores to do around the house for money into age groups.

Therefore, you can figure out which chores are best for your child or children based on their ages.

However, having this list broken down does not mean a 14 year old can not complete a task within the 3-6 year old group.

Sometimes, you’ll see a simple task from an age group become a little more complex in the next.

Here’s a list of 100 chores to do around the house for money.

YES! You read that correctly 100 chores to do around the house for money!

Can my Child Do Chores?

If your child can walk, talk, and make messes, they can do chores.

There are age appropriate chores for all. From toddlers to teenagers, you will be able to find a chore that your child can do. 

Generally, the littlest ones love to earn money and put it into their piggie bank.

They’ll probably do chores for you faster, easier and cheaper than some of their older siblings but you’ll need to either assist them or go behind them and tidy up what they couldn’t do.

But that’s okay!

They’re learning and soon they’ll be able to do their chores on their own.

Just find a good fit job on the chore list and put them to work.

The more hands, the faster and easier chores will be. 

Consider using a chore chart or a chores list when dividing household chores.

These types of tools are usually the easiest way to get your whole family involved and keep things organized.


Why Should My Youngest Do Chores At Home?

The list below is developmentally appropriate for the age range of 3-6 years old.

This means your littlest can totally help with the daily and weekly household chores.

But, always do what works best for your family.

In reality, if your 4-year-old watering the plants means you will be cleaning up a swamp of mud and water, feel free to skip that one until they’re a bit older.

Chores for younger children are a great way to teach them responsibility, and they often are more likely to help you without putting up more of a fight like their older siblings.

Teaching children at a young age about cleaning and helping others is a great way to help build social skills and gross motor/fine motor skills as well.

Let’s get started and look at some chores to do around the house for money.

a little bow crouching down with a broom and dust pan one of the 100 chores to do around the house for money

Chores to Do Around the House for Money (Ages 3-6)

Here are some chores around the house that younger children can do. 

  • Sweep the Floor
  • Make Their Bed
  • Fill up the family pet’s water bowl
  • Feed the family pet 
  • Help water the plants
  • Put away shoes
  • Set the table
  • Help clear the dinner table
  • Put away toys/games 
  • Empty wastebaskets 
  • Bring in the mail/newspaper
  • Wash plastic dishes in the sink
  • Dry non-breakable plates and bowls
  • Wipe up spills/messes
  • Pile up books/magazines
  • Pull weeds from the garden
  • Put books onto the shelves
  • Pick vegetables/fruits from the garden
  • Prepare their own snack
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Dust
  • Tidy up their bedroom
  • Throw away any garbage or craft scraps for playroom
  • Sort laundry by color (great color recognition practice) 
  • Make sure all markers have tops and art supplies are away 
  • Do easy prep for dinner (snap string beans) 
  • Use a handheld vacuum or broom to clean crumbs
  • Clean their toys with soap and water
  • Water flowers
  • Put blankets/stuffed animals on their bed
  • Help write the grocery list
  • Let family pet outside
  • Take care of personal hygiene

Using a visual chore chart may help at this age, so they can easily see what they need to do. 

You’ll also notice these are simple tasks that may not seem like “chores.”

But they are a great way to get your littlest into the groove and allow them to learn how helping around the house not only makes things easier on mom and dad, but also earns them a little money for their piggie bank.

Of course, they may not understand the concept of money at this age but receiving a shiny new penny, nickel or dollar usually excites them anyway.

Consider taking the money and putting it into a savings account or a college fund as their piggy bank fills up.

They’ll thank you when they want a new game system or car or don’t have to take out student loans.

100 Chores To Do Around The House For Kids Ages 7-12

Alright, here is our next age group.

These kids chores ideas are developmentally appropriate for ages 7-12.

Remember, your child can complete all of these chores and the ones from the list before! 

Doing chores will not sound like any fun to this group of kids.

You most likey already knew that.

Kids like to press our buttons a lot during this age, and they will probably find any excuse not to complete their chores.

This is where the idea of chores for money comes in handy.

In other words, getting these kiddos a little bit more invested with cash will hopefully help you!

a hand running a fork under the faucet. Washing the dishes, one of the 100 chores to do around the house for money

Here are some chores around the house that kids ages 7-12 to do. 

  • Unpack lunch box
  • Write the grocery list
  • Empty backpack of important papers/trash
  • Hang up/put away backpack and coat
  • Load the dishwasher
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Bring laundry to the laundry room
  • Sort laundry by system step in place in home
  • Put new bed sheets on bed
  • Clean out the car
  • Put away groceries
  • Wash the table between meals
  • Vacuum
  • Strip bed sheets
  • Make their bed
  • Weed the garden
  • Rake leaves
  • Clean bedroom
  • Help make and pack their lunch
  • Mop floor
  • Pack their lunch
  • Peel vegetables
  • Give water to the family pet
  • Help prepare dinner/breakfast
  • Put away their laundry
  • Get rid of old spices/cans (check expiration dates)
  • Wipe down bathroom counters with a cleaning wipe
  • Load and unload the dishwasher
  • Take out the trash
  • Separate the recycling
  • Shovel snow
  • Sweep the garage
  • Clean the cat’s litter box
  • Pick up dog poop
  • Wash dishes in the sink
  • Help with younger siblings (adult is home)

How Much Do I Pay My Child To Do Chores?

This age bracket may be a good place to make chores worth different amounts instead of a set price.

Price them out firstly on how difficult or long they will take.

Raking the leaves will take longer and be more challenging than feeding the family pet and could be worth more.

When you decide on good chores to do around the house that fit your kid’s abilities, there may be certain chores that are not a weekly task.

Think about how challenging these chores are and consider making them more money than their average weekly household chores.

Raking leaves, shoveling snow, etc., are not every week chores, so maybe it is a few extra dollars in their allowance if they come and help (without complaining).


They could always consider getting a job if they want to make more money than just their chores too.

100 Chores To Do Around The House For Money: Chore List For Teenagers (ages 13 and up)

You’re going to find chores for teens on this part of the list, and although some may seem simple.

Teens are bigger, faster, stronger, and can get simple chores done quickly.

But, teens and chores are another struggle.

They sleep till noon or just have no want to help anyone but themselves.

However, if you have already set up a good chore routine in your house while they were younger, it should be a little easier.

Most important is that your teen can complete these chores and other tasks on the previous lists.

a person shoveling snow in a black jacket and jeans one of the 100 chores to do around the house for money

These household chores for teenagers are a great way to earn extra money for gas, prom, a new car, etc.

Here’s the chores list for teens (ages 13 and up).

  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean bathroom
  • Mow the lawn
  • Snowblow
  • Weed wack
  • Use leaf blower
  • Wash the car
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Babysit younger siblings
  • Make simple dinner/breakfast
  • Make their lunch
  • Wash laundry
  • Dry laundry
  • Fold laundry
  • Put away laundry
  • Help younger siblings with homework
  • Clean out closets
  • Wash windows
  • Drop off/pick up younger siblings at activities
  • Organize cabinets/closets
  • Vacuum the furniture
  • Clean the basement
  • Organize the attic
  • Wash outdoor items, like boats, ATVs, campers, or other outdoor items
  • Help clean the gutters
  • Bathe the pets
  • Put away outdoor furniture for the winter
  • Assist with/or do the grocery shopping
  • Trim the bushes
  • Gather unwanted items to donate or sell at a yard sale
  • Vacuum the car
  • Spread mulch 
  • Walk the dog
  • Clean glass doors
  • Clean screens
  • Iron clothes
  • Change the cat’s litter, fish tank, hampster cage, etc. 
  • Pick up grocery store/Target/Walmart orders

Using a chore calculator or a chore app is great!

They can help you keep track of chores that need to get done, as well as all the completed chores kids do for money.

If your teen starts complaining that they need more money, suggest they get a job or find another way to make extra money. 

That’s A Wrap!

There you have it, 100 chores to do around the house to earn money.

Although it is long and seems simple, it could change your life and how your household is run.

But, wait…you may be thinking, “what if my child doesn’t do their chores?”

For not completing their chores, there could be consequences like no allowance or maybe try one of the consequences mentioned in this here.

Figure out what system will work best for your family and get started.

There are plenty of chores your kids can do!

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