10 Best Family Board Games for Kids and Adults to Enjoy

Whether you host a weekly family game night or just like playing games together on a rainy afternoon, family board games are a great way to enjoy quality time together.

Board games are great for teaching cooperation, practicing math skills, and helping kids become better losers (and winners).

But not all board games are created equal.

Some games are too difficult for young kids while other simple games won’t keep your older kids engaged.

Luckily, there are a handful of games that are perfect for families. I guarantee everyone will love these 10 family board games from the youngest to the oldest.

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Family-Friendly Board Games

1. Scrabble

Make game night fun and educational with this classic family board game.

In addition to helping your kids practice reading and spelling, Scrabble is great for teaching strategy and critical thinking skills.

But on top of being educational, Scrabble is just plain fun, too.

The traditional Scrabble game is designed for kids ages eight and up. But if you have younger kids at home, consider using Scrabble Junior for game night instead.

2. Sequence

This simple strategy game is great for families.

Recommended for kids seven and up, this easy-to-play game is easy enough for kids to grasp but requires just enough strategy to keep the adults entertained as you play together.

In Sequence, each player must get five chips in a row to win. The game can be played individually or in teams, making it perfect for family game night or a big party.

And games typically take less than 30 minutes to complete, making it great for kids with a short attention span.

3. Sorry

If your family loves to compete, Sorry is a great option. This competitive game is sure to get your family excited about family game night.

In Sorry, you can bump players back on the game board as you try to get your pawn to the safety zone first.

It’s great for families with kids of various ages because younger kids can easily learn the rules and play along.

Sorry is one of the first games our family learned to play together when our kids were very young, so I highly recommend it!

4. Clue

Mystery loving families will enjoy this classic family board game.

In Clue, your family will solve a murder mystery in the game’s mansion by collecting clues throughout the game.

This fun game is great for older kids (8 and up) and comes with several fun props, including a detective notebook for collecting clues.

Throughout the game, players can collect clues by exploring the mansion and voice their theories as they play. Other players then disprove those theories until someone comes up with the right combination of suspect and murder weapon.

If solving a murder isn’t your thing, consider a more family-friendly mystery (missing cake) with Clue Junior.

5. Uno

While Uno is technically a card game, not a board game, it’s so much fun, your family won’t even notice the distinction.

This fast-paced game is great for families because kids of any age can play. As long as your little ones know how to count, they’ll have a blast playing Uno!

6. The Game of Life

Want to teach your kids how to “adult”? The Game of Life is a great way to start.

This classic board game makes the minute details of life a little more fun.

In this game, players navigate around the board making life choices that make the game totally different each time you play. It’s great for families with kids eight and up.

But be aware that this game can sometimes go on for a while – so make sure your little ones have the attention span to see it through to the end!

7. Suspend

If you’re a fan of the classic stacking game, Jenga, you’ll love this family-friendly update.

This simple hand-eye coordination game is great for kids of all ages.

To play Suspend, just balance the game rods on the wooden base or on other game rods without knocking the stack over.

From educational toy makers Melissa & Doug, this fun balancing game is sure to be a hit on game night.

8. Headbanz

Looking for a silly board game even the youngest members of your family can take part in?

You’ll love Hedbanz!

In this funny guessing game, players must place a card on their head using the provided headbands. Then, everyone takes turn asking yes or now questions to figure out what is pictured on their card.

The first person to guess correctly wins!

9. Qwirkle

If Scrabble is a little bit too difficult for the kids in your family, consider playing Qwirkle instead.

This fun tile game uses colors and patterns in place of letters, making it perfect for families with younger kids who want to get in on the action.

To play, you must connect the tiles by matching symbols or colors.

The basic premise makes it perfect for younger kids who can’t read yet but the strategy behind the game keeps it engaging for older kids and adults.

10. Yahtzee

This classic family board game has been around forever – which surely means its fun!

To play this game, your kids will need some basic math skills. But once they’re good at adding, they’ll have a blast rolling the dice and yelling Yahtzee!

This easy dice game is packed with family fun and comes with a simple concept – the highest score wins!

Pop some popcorn, pull up some chairs and get ready for a fun night of the best family board games.

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